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Christmas gift guide for dogs

Today we are talking Christmas gifts for dogs. I have two lovely fur babies of my own who are really important to me. I have Millie the 7 years old Springador and Mylo the 5-year-old dalmatian. They have put every item in my gift guide to the test and I will let you know what they think. Bit of background on the dogs they love to kill/destroy toys. So if they have tested it and it survives we are on to a winner. 

Disclaimer- Some of these items have been gifted to me for inclusion in the guide some I have purchased myself. It does not change any opinions. As always my opinions are my own.

This is the Personalised dog towels. I am obsessed with these. They have the biggest range of dogs you can personalise I have ever seen. No one ever has a springador and They do. To make your towel you get to personalise your little dog. First, you choose your breed then there is options of that breed. This is a game-changer. I am in love with this site. If you need any dog gifts you need to pop on over to them and see what they offer. You will not be disappointed. Did I mention these towels are huge? That is my bedroom wall. Finally a towel big enough to dry a dalmatian and dirty springador. 

One of both the dog favourite brands Chuckit. If you haven't got the Chuckit ball in your play box are you even a dog owner? I have been a fan of Chuckit for years. The glowing ball is the best one on the market. If your dog struggles on a cold and dark winter walk to find their ball you need this in your life. It is made really strong and it really glows. Pawfect for winter. 
Next, we have the Fetchwheel. This has been a hit with Millie, which is very unusual she normally doesn't like these type of toys. It is super easy to grip and throw and feel nice to carry. You would believe the amount of dog toy that are actually uncomfortable to carry. Millie actually likes this in the house for tug of war. 

This is one of the most fun for us the humans. This is the K9 dog ball launcher from Prezzybox. Prezzybox is an amazing site for gifts for all the family. We had so much fun testing this one out on our local beach which is really long. The launcher throws the balls really far and the dogs love it. I actually had a sore shoulder. This was a godsend Mylo could still get his big throws if I took this with me. 

This is the super fun and festive Webbox Dog soft toy range. How frickking cute are these? The dog actually had these last year and I have to say the reindeer actually lasted quite long. I love to buy the dogs soft toys but they don't last very long in our house but they are so cute that I just can't resist. 
This is the Pet teezer De-shedding and dog grooming brush. If you are thinking this looks familiar it is from the amazing people at tangle Teezer. I love their brushes, in fact, it's all I use. Anyways I love this brush I really think it is perfect for spaniel type coats. It works like a charm and Is just so comfy to use and hold. 

Another firm favourite in our house Nylabone. My dogs own so many of their toys. Mylo is obsessed with the Busy time stuffable dog chew. He is a dog possessed. Since this has arrived there has been no other toy in his life. He spends hours just chewing it.  I love these as you can stuff them with treats and I pop them in the freezer to make them more of a challenge. I like to use peanut butter and apples to make the best long-lasting treat. But this is very occasionally. Mylo will play with it without any treats in it. This has survived and is fully intact. Making it a huge must-have if like me your dog can chew throw anything in 5 seconds. 

Next up Millie's favourite The strong chew real wood stick chew toy Maple bacon. She parades this about like it is the best thing she owns. She loves to make you try to take it from her. He favourite game. She will even chew this. Now if you knew Mille this means it is something very special. Only a hand full of toys have ever had this honour. It is super strong and looks brand new. 

Back to grooming Mikki pet This is a fantastic range of products.  Now I am a bit of a hard critic when it comes to grooming products. I am actually going to study dog grooming next year. (my dream)  
The first brush is the A good hair day Pro slicker. My first impression was wow this looks hardcore. But it actually is really gentle. It is double-sided. One side is stiffer and one is more gentle. This is a godsend for tough knots. Millie loves this and will beg to get brushed with it. I think she thinks it a massage. It is a professional tool and I will be keeping it in my kit. 

Next up we have the Go gentle on me smooth and stroke. This is Mylo's brush. Mylo has a very short coat being a Dalmatian. This works a charm on his. dalmatian shed a couple times a year and when they do, It is like living in your own snowstorm. This glove is gentle and removes the shedding hair. He loves it. 

Sensitive dog shampoo Natural Aloe and bamboo. Millie has a bit of a skin problem. The vet says its a seasonal allergy. The poor pup gets really bad dandruff a couple times a year. It is itchy and annoying to her. I love this sensitive dog shampoo. It is super easy to shampoo Millie and it smells amazing. Plus the aloe vera soothes her sore skin. Millie loves nice smells, Yes she is a strange pup. She likes to smell flower and perfume and she loves to smell this. I have even caught her smelling her coat after this. 

Millie has mild hip dysplasia and I always give her joint supplement. These future you curcupet-k9 supplements are awesome. These are perfect for Millie. These keep her in tip-top condition. Perfect to pop in her stocking this Christmas. A bit about them
Curcupet-K9 has been scientifically formulated by Cambridge scientists to maintain joint health in dogs of all breeds and sizes. These small, flavourless tablets are simple to conceal in food and feature the same easy-to-absorb patented formulation as our most popular joint health supplement, Turmeric+. Whether you have an older dog or a young and active pet, the properties of this scientifically researched supplement can help to maintain healthy joints.