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Why we need more water in our life.

Today we are talking about water. Yes, you heard me right H2O. You know I am a huge fan of getting more than your daily allowance for the clear stuff. I mean water, not Gin. This got me thinking. I have never shared with you a list of reasons why water is so important to you. 

Before I do that. This post is inspired by an amazing product I was sent to review. 
This is the Zerowater 12 cup water filter jug, This Jug is amazing. It filters impurities from the water making it crystal clear and tasting super crisp and delicious. 
What the brand says. 
Unlike other leading water filter jugs, ZeroWater benefits from a patented, 5-stage Ion Exchange Filtration system which removes virtually all dissolved solids from your water. This provides great tasting water without the dissolved solids which may include Minerals, Salts, Metals, Chemicals and Runoff. Moreover, it reduces 99% of all Fluoride and other inorganics, such as Nitrates, from your water. Four additional stages of water filtration ensure larger particles and other contaminants are removed, ensuring the filter delivers a “000” reading on the included laboratory-grade water quality meter.
Zerowater has also partnered with National tea day to promote the benefits of using filtered water in your tea. When you make tea with this jug it comes out clearer than I have ever seen and the taste of the tea is more defined. 

Now let's talk about the benefits of water in your life. There are so many different studies on how much water we should consume in a day. I personally aim for half a gallon, above and beyond anything else I drink. This will of course change on training days where I drink more. 

  1. It is essential for good skin. It has been clinically proven that dehydrated skin will age faster and form wrinkles quicker. It is also key to helping the skin fight off any acne you may have. 
  2. It helps regulate our body temperature. This is so important. Water is stored in the mid-layer of the skin. when we sweat it comes to the surface to help cool the body down. 
  3. It flushed the waste from the body. This is important if you are dieting. This will help you rid your body of unwanted toxins and aid weight loss. 
  4. it has been proven that if the body is dehydrated it can cause headaches and kidney stones to name a few conditions when are all stemmed from dehydration. 
  5. We need water to help to dilute our vitamins and minerals. water aids there path round the body so they can do their job where they are needed. 
  6. dehydration can restrict the airway. The body is super focused on retaining water so it will shrink the airway to prevent loss. So for us asthmatic, it is super important to keep hydrated. 
  7. It helps the blood to stay at the right thickness. When you are dehydrated your blood will become thicker and denser. 
  8. The bowel needs water to work. when you are dehydrated this can lead to constipation. 

There are so many reasons to up our water game. I hope this post has helped you to see why you need to up your water game.