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Christmas gift guide for vegan

Today we are talking about what to buy the vegan and eco-friendly people in your life. Here are my top picks for gifts this Christmas. 

Disclaimer- Some of these items have been gifted to me for inclusion in the guide some I have purchased myself. It does not change any opinions. As always my opinions are my own.

This is  Hemp Duvet covers. These are so soft and nice to sleep in. They are not too hot and I really like the materials. 
Soak&Sleep is the first major UK bedding retailer to add a range of hemp products to
their collection Hemp’s sustainable credentials are high. It grows in abundance and produces double
the fibre yield of cotton per hectare. It also uses 30% less water than cotton to grow and 25% less water in the production process. The plant is naturally repellent to pests meaning fewer pesticides are needed to grow it successfully. Plus it returns 60-70% of nutrients to the soil, keeping the land better fertilised for the following year’s crop.
In addition to this, when hemp is made into a fabric it is up to eight times stronger
than linen and is resistant to UV light so it holds colour better, meaning these items
will last longer than any other natural fibre.
As natural fibre hemp is good at absorbing moisture and heat and it’s a great temperature regulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What’s more, it has anti-bacterial properties, which means it’s also appropriate for allergy sufferers. And whilst hemp might conjure up visions of
hippy-style fabrics, this unique fabric creates a very elegant look reminiscent of Irish Linens with
a smooth-to-the-touch feel.
These are from, These socks not only look cute but they are part of the bigger picture. Mine are The limited-edition Hawksbill Turtle sock, only 1,000 made. A partnership between Critically Endangered Socks X Oceanic Society. Made from a soft and sustainable blend of cotton and bamboo, each pair comes with an endangered animal fact sheet in a bespoke recyclable box.

Critically Endangered Socks, a sock company that helps protect some of the world's most critically endangered animals. These include leopards, dolphins, and elephants. Each pair of socks help a different charity to protect these amazing animals.  The socks themselves are made from a beautifully soft and sustainable blend of bamboo and cotton and come in recycled cardboard packaging. 

This is Pura cosmetics. Hands down they make the best lip scrubs I have ever tried and I have tried a lot. This is the Berry Christmas raspberry & forest fruits deluxe care kit and the prosecco bubbles lip scrub and Lip balm. This is the perfect gift for any makeup addict in your life. 

http://This is booja booja chocolate truffles award-winning selection. These are incredible. You can not tell they are vegan. This selection are crammed packed with the best flavours from hazelnut crunch to almond salted caramel. They are so deluxe not only in look but in taste also. This would be a fantastic gift for anyone. 

This is the amazing Thrive Energy Cookbook by Brendan Brazier. This is full to the brim with recipes. This is perfect for someone looking to add more nutrients to their diet. 
This is also a great entrance cookbook if you are starting in your vegan or plant-based diet journey. 
These are from huski home a fantastic eco-friendly brand who has a real passion for trying to make a change in the world. I am obsessed with the coconut bowl. This is made from the outside of the coconut which is usually sent to the waste pile. I mean come on how cute is it.  You can also get a fantastic coconut spoon. These are made from the wood of the coconut trees which can not long produced coconuts. Love this It is just so innovative. 

Next up is this amazing reusable coffee cup. These are biodegradable eco-friendly and sustainable. It has a leak-proof lid. Which I have put to the test and works believe me. It keeps drinks hot for up to 90 minutes. Did I mention its super cute? 

This is the Oggs mince pie completely vegan mince pies and available in Sainsbury's. Now I have to admit I do not like mince pies. Vegan or otherwise. But I have to say I really liked these to me they were orangey in taste. They look and taste fantastic and are just a really thoughtful gift this Christmas. 

 This is Bamboo Cruising Travel Mug from PrezzyBox We all know this is one of my go-to online stores for gifts. I love this Bamboo travel mug. It is just so pretty and functional. This has been made with 70-80% plant fibres. Which is a market leader. It is super lightweight, So easy to pop in your bag and go. It can biodegrade in 12-24 months once buried. This is an amazing idea. Why are more items not like this one?
This is Evolve beauty candlelight glow collection. This is hand made luxury. All-natural products are used and are not only vegan but eco-friendly too. The mask is really nice on your skin and the candle is heaven. 
Drift away to ultimate relaxation with our Candlelight Glow Collection. Apply an even layer of our deliciously chocolatey Radiant Glow Mask whilst you enjoy the delicate aroma of our Evolve Serenity Candle. Our revitalising face mask with upcycled blueberry particles beautifully complements the floral, citrus and vanilla notes of our soy wax Serenity Candle. The perfect way to unwind and enjoy an at-home, spa-like experience
This is a selection of products from fairtrade foundation. I will go into them all in a minute. This is a fantastic foundation it really fights to get fair conditions for its workers. I could do one about this amazing foundation but click the link and read for yourself. Even if you just buy a few items please think about adding a few fair trade items into your gifts this Christmas. 

First, we have Chocolate and love The pomegranate 70% dark chocolate. This has bittersweetness but also a zesty hit with the pomegranate. Its a refreshing change from dark chocolate. 

Next, we have Cafedirect organic christmas blend ground coffee Is Christmas really Christmas without a special Christmas coffee. Come on every coffee lover needs a treat at this time of year. This is a lovely strong and full-bodied coffee. I get chocolate vibes from them one.  

Last but not least Cotswold fudge co. They have a huge range of vegan fudge. 
I love fudge and its Scottish counterpart tablet. This is the vegan chocolate fudge. It is full of flavour and just the best sweet treat. This is creamy fudgy goodness. 

This is Aduna Relax cinnamon-spiced Cacao organic tea. This is Christmas in tea. This tea transports you to the fireside on Christmas morning it is rich and comforting and homely all at the same time. 

This is the Vie Naturals soap. This is a fantastic option as part of a gift hamper. This has a unique texture and lathers really well. It has a really nice calming smell and lasts for ages. 

This is gregory's tree organic strawberry twists These are super tasty little treats. They are so fruity and not only vegan but gluten and wheat-free. This is all just tasty organic fruit heated together to make these awesome snacks. 
These are Lost Sheep Coffee has launched 'The Capsule Experience Box' will be three boxes of compostable capsules compatible with your Nespresso machine. The 'Smooth Journey' capsules - your daily coffee. Super smooth and sweet, milk chocolate and rich caramel. The 'Funky Camper' capsules, your curious coffee. Irish cream and a big fudge body. And newly released  'Living The Dream' capsules - your decaf coffee. A dark chocolate full bodied coffee with orange zest to finish. 
The luxury single origin direct trade coffee, in plant-based capsules, are certified biodegradable, compostable and, crucially, air tight for superior freshness. Using the latest advancements in compostability technology, the capsules are made predominantly from wood bark - or Lignin - a waste product of the paper industry.  Other renewable raw materials used in the making include natural occurring plant-based proteins, starches and glucose made up the biopolymer structure of the capsule.  As it is 100% natural the product can compost to absolutely nothing in a matter of weeks
This is the delicious conscious chocolate handmade, raw, vegan chocolate company Conscious Chocolate  which is smooth beyond belief – esp for vegan chocolate, perfect for stocking and hostess gifts for discerning foodies