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How I get rid of mouth ulcers.

Today, we are talking about oral health. I have been plagued on and off with mouth ulcers for years. I have had glandular fever and swine flu. This left my immune system weak and liable to infections. This includes mouth ulcers. I feel like mouth ulcer is one of the most annoying things you can have. I was getting them on and off for years. The most annoying thing was, when I would finally get rid of one another would take its place and it was a never-ending circle of this for a long long time. I tried everything from old wives tales to treatments. Nothing got rid of them until now. 

I want to introduce you to Gengigel. They are an awesome brand which has by far the best product to get rid of mouth ulcers. They are recommended by dentist and dental professionals. The main ingredient in Gengigel is Hyaluronic acid. which is actually produced in our bodies to help repair and renew any damaged cells. If you are a bit of a beauty junkie like me you will know of Hyaluronic acid. It is also used in beauty products But today we are not talking about it in that context. We are talking about oral health. 

These products are not just for the treatment of mouth ulcers it can be used to treat a whole range of oral health problems such as inflamed and bleeding gums, dry mouth, recessing gums and denture abrasions. So they really do have you covered when it comes to oral health issues. 

I will tell you the product I use and how I use them to help you to get rid of your mouth ulcers like me. 

What the brand says
Gengigel is a patented formulation whose main ingredient is Hyaluronic acid, a substance produced by the body to heal and repair itself.
  • Aid repair and healing of damaged gum tissue
  • Significantly improved management of oral pain from conditions like mouth ulcers, burning and dry mouth syndromes, denture pain, teething and many others
  • Promotes healing after surgical procedures
  • Recovery and accelerated healing of ulcers (chronic)

Function of Hyaluronic acid in the regeneration of oral lesions

  1. It is a modulator of the host response to trauma, toxins and irritants
  2. It supresses inflammatory processes activated in response to external events
  3. It forms the basic matrix for cell growth
  4. Stimulates the formation of blood vessels and granulation tissue
  5. Stimulates osteoblast formation
  6. It has a mild bacteriostatic and fungistatic action

How I use the products. 

First up we have Gengigel Mouth Rinse
I use this after I have brushed my teeth twice daily. I normally swirl it in my mouth about 1-2 minutes then spit out. It has a nice fresh taste and smell. You can not eat or drink for 30 minutes after using this. 

What the brand says
For inflamed and receding gums or any discomfort of the mouth or gum tissue. Gengigel restores and maintains healthy gums and soothes inflamed and damaged oral tissueAnalgesic properties effectively relieving oral pain Contains : Hyaluronan 0.2% which helps facilitate the natural tissue healing and recovery process. Gengigel Mouthrinse is a unique, patented and naturally active product, suitable for most common oral conditions associated with soreness and inflammation. Gengigel stops any minor bleeding, soothes soreness and sharp pain of ulcers and promotes healing
Then we have Gengigel Mouth Gel. I really love this one. I apply this directly to the ulcer. I massage very small about on the ulcer. This is an instant pain reliever.  It is heaven when you have a bad ulcer. This really helps reduce the swelling in the area. 

What the brand says. 
Clinically proven to relieve pain, heal & repair: mouth ulcers, inflamed & bleeding gums, gum recession, denture/brace abrasion Contains : Hyaluronan 0.2% which helps facilitate the natural tissue healing and recovery process. The Gengigel Gel is ideal for ulcers, receding gums and localised trauma. Use the gel in localised painful areas of trauma and or ulceration such as mouth ulcers, traumatic abrasion sustained from rough food, or burns from very hot food or drinks. 
 Last but not least Gengigel Oral Spray this one is like the gel. I find this one particularly helpful if my ulcer is in a more awkward place or it is too sore to touch. 

What the brand says
Gengigel Spray helps to assist with the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis and all forms of inflammation in the gum area, it is also useful after extractions or surgery. Spray inaccessible areas that you cannot reach with your finger or cotton wool buds like the back of your mouth, throat, under the tongue or other hard places to reach.The spray provides active protection from gum disease and support for the natural healing of inflamed or damaged tissue in the mouth. Developed to aid the regeneration of gum tissue.Useful in the treatment of mouth ulcers and the management of gingivitis and periodontitis.
I have found these are by far the quickest and best way to get rid of mouth ulcers. You need to gives these a try for yourself and rid mouth ulcers from your life like I have.