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How to stop bedroom arguments.

So in every relationship, there is always the same issue. Ok so every relationship might be different But I bet you you have had this argument with your other half. You are in bed and you are freezing and they are too hot. Yip, we have all been there, right? I know I have this problem all the time I am forever whining that I am too cold and my husband says he is too warm. It's an age-old problem. Woman run colder than men it has been scientifically proven. Say what you want but even scientist have recognised there is a problem here. 

Anyways let me introduce you to the solution. This is the Hot or not duvet. Where has this been all my fricking life? So this is how it work you go on to their site and choose the hot & not weighted duvet. Next, you choose which size I have the king. Now comes the fun bit. 
You get to choose what each side of the duvet tog is. So this making it hotter on one side and cooler on the other. The tog levels can only be one different. Here are the levels.
Extra cool 4.5 tog
Chilled 7.5 tog
Cosy 10.5 tog
Toasty 13.5 tog

what the brand says 
1 duvet, 2 warmths – 1 half hot, the other half answering 3 simple questions in our 2 minute duvet builder, you can create two perfect sleep environments for you and your partner based on how you like to sleep. you choose how warm or cool you want the halves of your duvet. we will then make it using an extra soft peach-skin microfibre polyester fabric, and deliver it straight to you.

So mine is Toasty on my side and Cosy on the hubby's side. You can even choose which side is which. Mine is toasty on the left side and cosy on the right.  As you can see my side is more made with more insulation and the hubby has less. It is super comfortable to sleep in and eco-friendly. It fills all my kingside sheets with easy and you can not see the ribbing.  It also comes with a 2-year warranty so you are covered. Nanu also does normal one tog duvet in all the above rates and sizes. You dont have to go for one of these but honest why wouldnt you? 

My duvet was £75. This is by far the best money you can spend as It will save on hundreds of arguments. We have all said can you turn the heating up and been told its too warm in here right? Well, cut this out of your relationship by treating yourself and the other half to the gift of no more duvet arguments. 

I hope you have liked this post and I have saved you on some bedtime arguments with the other half.