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5 Guilt-Free Cocktails to Serve at Your Home Cocktail Bar

Now that the UK has been told to stay indoors and only leave the house for a small list of essential reasons, it's safe to say you'll need to find new ways to keep you occupied in isolation.

If you're dreading weeks and months of being cooped up and are partial to a cocktail or two, a home cocktail bar is a great way to make your evenings more enjoyable and also allow you to learn a new skill. But it's also important not to drink a bunch of unhealthy drinks if you are somewhat limited regarding exercise at the moment. So here are a few guilt-free cocktail recipes to try at home.

1. Margarita
Although it may be more convenient or easy to buy some frozen margarita mix from the supermarket, that's where the majority of the 325 calories comes from. Instead, all you need is tequila, lime juice from freshly-squeezed limes and some Triple Sec to serve a guilt-free version at your home cocktail bar. Calories saved: 153 per 170ml.

Method: Add your ingredients to an ice-filled cocktail shaker and shake until cold, then strain into a glass over fresh ice. Add a lime wedge to serve.

2. Mojito
This classic Cuban cocktail has a wonderful minty flavour usually released by the inclusion of sugar, but this also adds around 140 calories to the recipe. Instead use a sugar alternative such as Stevia, which contains little to no calories, but still provides the sweetness to enhance the mint flavour while you muddle your ingredients. Calories saved: 80 per 170ml.

Method: Muddle the lime, mint and Stevia in a small jug, crushing the mint as you go. Pour rum over your minty mixture and stir, then top up with soda water. Garnish with fresh mint to serve.

3. Cosmopolitan
This cranberry-flavoured cocktail not only looks great, but it's (usually) full of empty calories. You can lower the calorie count of this cocktail by using diet cranberry juice. Then order a bottle of Ty Ku Soju, an Asian spirit and a great alternative to vodka that contains only 68 calories per 40ml. Calories saved: 65 per 110ml.

Method: Shake diet cranberry juice, ice, Ty Ku Soju, Triple Sec and lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge or orange zest.

4. Strawberry Daiquiri
Is fruit healthy? Yes, it is, but that doesn't mean you should assume a cocktail made of fruit is also healthy. Just like margaritas, the pre-made mixtures you can buy at a shop are jam-packed with sugar, which significantly increases the calorie count. If you're looking for a healthier option, make your own mixture with fresh strawberries (add Stevia if they aren't sweet enough). Oh, and definitely avoid the whipped cream topping. Calories saved 215 per 220ml.

Method: Blend rum, strawberries, ice, lime juice and simple syrup in a blender. Serve in a martini glass and use strawberry slices to garnish (optional).

5. Piña Colada
Do you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain? Ok, maybe not the rain part. This classic summertime cocktail is delicious, refreshing, but also contains over 600 calories. You can massively reduce this number by using coconut cream and coconut milk, which combines with pineapple juice, sparkling water and some rum. This cocktail will be a satisfying guilt-free solution if you have a sweet tooth but also don't want to ruin your diet with a tonne of empty calories. Calories saved: 475 per 220ml.

Method: Put all of your ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth, serve in a tall glass and garnish with a pineapple slice (optional).

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