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The best bikinis for summer 2020

It might be the end of winter but that can only mean one thing summer is right around the corner. I can not wait for some sum shine. I love summer fashion to it is always my favourite season in terms of fashion and this year is no different. Today I want to talk about the best summer bikinis. Us woman come in different shapes and sizes so I thought I would do a what style fits which figure post. I love reading these. We come in different sizes and shapes ladies so lets not hid our figures this summer lets embrace our body. I will cover the top five body types. I know there are a lot more shapes then this but this is what I am covering. They will be an hourglass, Triangle, Apple, pear, and large bust.

Today I will show your styles from one of my favourite online stores for bikini's Protest. They have the best beachwear. We all know European brands tend to be ahead of the fashion game and Protest is one of the leaders in this market. I have some amazing items from Protest from bikinis to boardshorts they have you covered this summer.

I might as well start with my shape I am an hourglass. Meaning I carrying my weight on my Hips and boobs. I would recommend the Protest MM Maderia D cup Bandeau with Protest MM Cabel 20 bikini bottoms. This Style is great for us. This gives us the support the top with foam cups and a tie-side bottom is the best style for us. It sits on the hips nicely and distracts from this area. I also think this is a gorgeous print.

What the brand says
This fantastic bikini top is printed with an all over design and the fabric is wrapped beautifully across the chest. The fabric is also PFC-free in an effort to reduce the use of this chemical and thereby it’s harm to the environment. This top has built-in foam cups for added support. The shoulder straps are adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit.

Triangle shape
This shape tent to be straight up and down and have smaller chests. I have chosen a push-up bikini. This is the MM Goa 20 B cup halter top. This will give the allusion of a bigger bust and show off those gorgeous shoulders and arms. I have picked the MM Miral Bikini bottoms. The ruffs on the side of these add definition and give the allusion of curves. I love the flower pattern on this one, very classic and yet on-trend.

What the brand says
 The fabric is printed with an all-over design with straps that tie at the neck and at the back. The fabric is also PFC-free. The ‘push-up’ cups are built into this top. There is some gorgeous wrap detailing across the chest.

Apple Shape,
This shape tends to be wider around the waist area. I have chosen The MM Mob B cup Halter bikini and MM Andi 20 hipster Bikini bottoms The ruffle details draw the attention to you assets and away from your problem area. These bikini shots are gorgeous and will look amazing on you.

What the brand says
This halter bikini top is made from a ribbed jacquard fabric, which is a hot trend for this summer. The fabric straps tie at the neck and at the back. These straps can be worn two ways so you can experiment with your beach look. There are removable foam cups for extra support when needed. 

Pear shape
This shape tends to hold weight on there hips and bum. You tend to have a smaller bust. You also have killer legs so highlight them, ladies. I have chosen The Barbera 20 bandeau bikini. This has a top which can be styled multiple ways giving you style flexibility. It las has added foam cups for a little boost too. It features a tie-side bottom to show off those killer pins you are ready to hit the beach.

What the brand says
The straps are removable so that you can wear bikini top as a bandeau. When you do wear the straps, these can be worn in two ways so that you can have fun with your look. There are removable foam cups at the chest and the bikini has a regular fit. 

Large bust
This is for my ladies with amble assets. Like me, you were gifted with a big chest. This one can be hard on to accommodate that is why I have included it. We are not able to wear those triangle bikinis we see on the beach. They just won't cut it for us. For this shape, I have chosen The MM goal e cup Bikini top and MM Perkins bikini bottoms. This bikini will give is the support we need in the cup and the rushing on the bottom helps to draw the eye down to this area.

What the brand says
The MM Goal forms part of our Mix&Match series meaning it can be combined with different bikini bottom styles in our range. This is an underwire bikini top and there are built-in molded foam cups for added support. The shoulder straps are adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit. 
I hope you have enjoyed this post and hope it helps you to find your perfect bikini for this summer.

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