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The Luxury Timepiece with History and Heart

Its name means ‘greatness and perfection’ in the Greek alphabet and it is one of the most recognised timepieces in the world. Omega watches are regularly spotted on the wrists of the rich and famous including movie stars, presidents and members of the royal family. But there aren’t many watches that can also claim to have proven themselves at the extreme ends of the earth and in outer space. We take a look at this iconic timepiece’s fascinating heritage and discover what makes Omega the watch of choice for intrepid travelers, lovers of elegance and adventurers alike.

A Legendary Legacy
Style plus substance is a powerful combination and something Omega has consistently achieved since it began in Switzerland in 1848 when Louis Brandt and his two sons founded their watchmaking business. Its accuracy ensured it became the official timekeeper for the Olympic games and its reliability secured its place on the most groundbreaking expeditions of the 20th century. When the first surface expedition to the North Pole set off on their epic 412 mile journey in 1968, it was Omega that was the team’s timepiece. Likewise, it was the timekeeper for the expedition to cross Antarctica on foot in 1990, a 1740 mile, 90 day journey with 90 mile an hour gales and temperatures around -40 degrees Celsius.
Elegance in Orbit and On the Big Screen
When Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon in 1969, he wasn’t wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional watch. Why? Because when the clock inside the Lunar Module they travelled in broke, Neil hung his Omega up as a replacement. His colleague Buzz Aldrin was wearing his Omega when he stepped out of the spacecraft marking its place in history as the very first watch on the moon.
These are achievements you may not expect from a luxury timepiece equally at home on the red carpet or big screen. The upcoming Bond film No Time To Die marks 25 years of our favourite M16 agent wearing the Omega Seamaster, a connection that started back in 1995 when Pierce Brosnan wore the watch in GoldenEye. Oscar winner Nicole Kidman describes the opportunity of wearing vintage Omegas at Cannes and the Oscars as ‘a privilege’ and has worked closely with the brand and its charity programs for the last two decades.   

Accessible Luxury to Last a Lifetime
Discover Omega at CHRONEXT  to find the Omega timepiece that compliments your individual style. In an era of so much disposable technology, Omega represents precision you can depend on and luxury that is also practical. It provides you with the ultimate in style for every taste and occasion, from a luxury staycation in the UK to intrepid adventures further afield, like a great American roadtrip.    
Swiss watches are sought after for their quality, combine this with the fact that Omega often issue limited edition watches and you know that when you invest in one, you gain a luxury item, built to stand the test of time and to stand out from the crowd. By investing in your own Omega, you join a long and prestigious heritage whilst also investing in a statement of style for your future. Whatever your journey, whatever your adventure, Omega is ready!

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