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Top Characteristics of an Amazing Restaurant

If you have a favorite restaurant, what about it makes it so special? Is it exceptional service, delicious meals, shared memories, or something else? There are many characteristics applying to restaurants that can prompt customers to call them amazing, and we want to take a closer look at the biggest ones.

Restaurants should have amazing …
1. Design
The design of a restaurant essentially forms the first impression of a restaurant, so owners can get off to a great start with new patrons by simply making their establishment look nice and welcoming. Great restaurant design is also incredibly important because it can offset several other characteristics of a restaurant that visitors find lacking, while the same cannot be said for good service in a restaurant with terrible design and layout.

2. Food
People visit restaurants for a wide variety of reasons, but at the end of the day, they all go to eat. If you want customers to keep coming back to your establishment, it will be near-impossible to achieve without great food. Accordingly, the dishes you serve should all live up to a certain standard, and be taste-tested by people with different preferences before you even open. Additionally, presenting a wide variety of options on your menu will help cater to the interests of different eaters.

3. Service
In many ways, customer loyalty is influenced more by the service they receive than anything else. Good service goes beyond bringing food on time and remembering orders – it is more about treating customers with a high level of respect and accommodating their needs, even when they are unaware of them or hesitant to voice them. For example, a waiter can read the expressions of customers choosing what to eat and offer recommendations to someone who looks confused, yet hasn’t even said anything yet.

4. Atmosphere
The atmosphere inside a restaurant can be influenced by many factors outside of the owner’s control (e.g. the types of guests sitting, amount of sunlight available, smells wafting in from outside), but most of the big factors are firmly changeable. Consequently, the onus to create a nice atmosphere for guests is on the owner, and usually requires choosing the type of music playing, the amount of artificial light, and the temperature in the rooms.

5. Peculiarities
We are talking about something that makes the restaurant completely unique. It may be something on the menu, a set of funny posters on the wall, some quirk in the way patrons are served, or something completely difficult. Finding this special quirk for your restaurant can be quite difficult, but if you succeed, it could become one of your biggest selling points.

6. Seating arrangements
Organizing seating at a restaurant is about finding the perfect balance between “cramped” and “isolated”. Customers should be provided with ample room to stretch their legs out and get out of their seat without knocking anything over, while sitting close enough to other tables that there is some background noise and talking. Maximizing seating space should not come at the cost of making anyone feel like they have to sit rigidly just to avoid disturbing someone else.

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