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My big night in with giffgaff

Well, the country has been grounded. We are all getting to grips with being at home and this new way of life. If we all do this right it will be over sooner so with that in mind it is time to share one of the ways I will be spending my isolation. With a big thanks to you to the lovely people over at giffgaff who have gifted me a lovely night inbox to spend some quality time with my family. This is much appreciated at this time. 
Giffgaff is sponsoring The voice again this year and to celebrate they have put together night in box. here is the box I received. I have filmed an unboxing for youtube so I will link that in when It goes live too. The box is crammed with goodies. Do you watch the voice? 
First a lovely Giffgaff tote bag. This is a large tote and I really love the design. It is really nice and good quality too. who doesn't love a tote?
Next up we have a Giffgaff some card with £5 credit to get you started with the network. Super handy. My contract is up soon so I may have to just go sim free. If you are looking for a new phone I recommending checking out giffgaff they have a huge range of phone deals. For example, you can get a refurbished Iphone SX 258gb £31.47 per month. That's an amazing deal for that phone. There are loads of crazy deals like this over on giffgaff go check them out. Also, I need to mention that giffgaff are one of the leading mobile phone companies to really put emphasise on buying a refurbished phone instead of new. This is a fantastic step forward. This is how we can make a difference when choosing a new phone. It is all about the small changes we can all make to make a difference right? If we can teach children to look at a refurbished option instead of a new one then we are doing something right. 

There is a really nice candle so you can set the mood for your night in. This is so nice I love candles. 
Also, there is a voucher for M&S to go and get some snacks and a meal for your perfect night in. 
House of Marley Bluetooth speaker and headphones.  These are all made from sustainable materials. 
These are the smile jamaica wireless bluetooth in ear headphones These are sweatproof and have an 8-hour playtime.  Perfect for at-home workouts at the moment. Perfect when you cant blast your music as someone is working win the other room. 

This is NO BOUNDS Bluetooth® Speaker This is a rugged outdoor speaker with made from sustainable cork. It features a 10 hour battery life and is wireless and has a quick charge. This will be awesome for our van conversion when we are all aloud back out and about. Plus it is so pretty. 

Lastly and by no means least we have a smartphone projector. This looks so cool I have never heard of this before. I can not wait to give this a go. Not only in the house but my husband says we can try it in our van conversion. That would be the ultimate night in, in a van in the middle of now where. 

I can not wait to have our very own night in. There is nothing quite like remembering to spend quality time with your family at this time. We will all get through this. Why not spend your time making good memories with your loved ones you live with. We will see everyone else when we can. 

I would like to thanks giffgaff again for there generosity This has cheered me up for sure. If you liked this post go and check out my lovely friend Elsye from Sweet Elyse Blog post on how to have an isolation date night.  

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