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5 way to keep in touch during lockdown

Life is a bit different just now, is it? being confined to our homes with only the prospect of seeing our other halves or the people we live with is quite a daunting thing, isn't it? Do not get me wrong I love my other half but it is just him, me and our two dogs in this house. We are all missing our other support systems of friends and family. Today I want to talk about ways to stay in touch with those that mean the most to you. Is it me or has this time really put things in perspective in your life? I have found out who really means the most to me and this has made me miss them even more. We are in the modern age and we are so lucky we can find ways to stay in touch. So let me tell you the ways I stay in touch and spread a little love and kindness in this dark time. 

1. Video calling

Whether its facetime, zooming or Facebook messager video. There are so many options to make a call and actually see the person at the end of the line. I have found this super helpful as you can actually see who you are speaking to and their facial expression. You can even have multiple households on the same call. We did this the other day as it was my brother in laws 40th so we had a family facetime party which was fun. This really gives the sense that you are not so far apart. 

2. Messaging

The older brother of video calling and something you can do in your PJs sat on the couch. I make a point of checking on my favourite people every few days. Why don't you message people see how they are doing and I mean really doing. Ask questions and listen to the reply. People all over the country are struggling right now. It is at this time we need each other more than ever. Do you think Donna in accounts would like that cat meme, send it to her. Start a conversation. There is no makeup or clean hair required to message someone. You never know you might just make their day. I just received a video of a talking dog and my day got a lot better. 

3. Gifting 

I have always been a gifter. I love to give gifts. I really get pleasure in thinking of the person receiving their gift and that bit of joy and happiness that comes from this little act. During this time I have sent a lot of gifts to my friends and family. I want them to know I am thinking of them and I know the gifts have really cheered the person I have given them too up. 

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4. Social media

Love it or hate it social media is the new normal. We all have it, even my mother in law has it.  We all spend our days here. But have you actually thought about how this can keep you update with peoples lives? For instance, Instagram has reactions to peoples stories. So do it give someone love on their post. Why not comment on your neighbour post of her cat or your friends and her children baking another banana bread. Stay connected stay in touch. This is the time social media was made for. It is called "social for a reason, right? 

5. Games night

Organise a games night. Yes, we are not allowed to see each other but this is 2020 you can now play games online. There are so many ways to do this from quizzes to escape rooms the internet is a huge place full of online entertainment. I have even had a mini quiz with a couple of my neighbours. One of my friend Paul sent me one of those emoji quizzes. You had to guess the countries from the arranged emojis. It was harder than you would imagine so I sent it to our neighbours and we all played along together. This was so much fun and was all done over group chat. This passed a night and it was fun to touch base with people we hadn't spoken to in a while. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post and it has given you ideas on how to stay I contact with your loved ones. 

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