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How to add value to your home

I have been thinking a lot about my home lately. Your home is a huge investment and I want to keep adding value to my property. I want to share ways you can add value to your home whilst also adding to your life.

I think we can all be a bit quick to jump on the latest trend when it comes to our home. Whilst not really thinking about the big picture. I have a friend who completely ripped out nearly all the walls in his home to go for the open plan living feel. After a while, he began to hate his property. It was fine when he was a bachelor.  Then his partner moved in and he felt like they had no space at all to breath.  He went from being completely in love with his finished property to quickly resenting doing the renovation in the first place. He went on to put his property on the market and made a loss on his investment. 

This is the ultimate nightmare for any homeowner. You make Your dream property and you sell it for a loss. It's a hard pill to swallow. Your blood sweat and tears go into making your dream home. But ultimately this is your investment and you need to keep that in mind. 
I want to share a couple of ways you can add value to your home without the fear of losing money on your huge investment. 

1. The kitchen

yes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. You want it to reflect your personal style whether that is cosy and kitsch or modern and minimal. You have to be you in your home right, yes but when you are choosing your kitchen always think about the resale potential. If for example, you choose bright red units, Yes you love them but what would a potential buyer think? My tip would be to pick units which can easily be swapped out or painted. This way you can have what you want but when it comes to selling you can whip out the paint pot and neutralise the colour. It is as simple as that. Always think resale. 

2. The flooring

Flooring in a home is a big deal. I have a couple tips here. One never ever get a cream or a light coloured carpet for your home. These may look nice now but believe me, they are hard to clean and look awful when they are worn.
One of my friends is a joiner and he has renovated many houses and he assured me the way to go when it comes to your flooring it has to be solid wood. Solid wood flooring is loing lasting, easy to clean and is one of the most requested things by potential buyers. He tells me this makes up a lot of his work. Plus solid wood just looks so stylish and nice. 

3. The bathroom 

When I am looking at a new home this is the most important room in the house for me. I have become accustomed to two bathrooms in a property. I always want one of these to be a wet room. This is for a couple of reasons. We are mountain bikers and get very muddy. A wet room is so much easier to clean after we have used it. Also, when elderly relatives or children visit it is so much easier for them to use.  Lastly and yes I am that person. It is easier to bath my dogs in a wet room. 

Whilst we are talking bathrooms. I love to have a big bathroom. I have viewed a lot of houses. which have tiny family bathrooms and I can not get my head around it. In every case, there has been the possibility to make the room bigger without losing too much out of the adjoining room. If you want to add a bit more space to the bathroom do it. None load-bearing walls are really easy to have moved out. This allowing you to have more space and make your bathroom the tranquil place of your dreams. There really is nothing worse than a small bathroom. Imagine trying to bath a baby or an injured person in a tiny bathroom. No thank you. This has put me off so many houses. 

4. Why not get a loft conversion. 

This can add a huge amount to your property price and they are so affordable.  If there is one thing that will add value to your home its an extra room right. So go and contact a loft conversion company now and see what they can offer you. You could add an extra bedroom or what about that office you have always wanted. Come on let's face it there is a world of things you could use an extra room for right? 

5. Tidy your garden 

A well-kept garden is a must when trying to sell your home. Whether you are a gardener or not the garden can make or break the sale of your home. If you attend viewing and you see a messy garden the first thing buyers think is oh dear. I am not saying turn into a green-fingered goddess but keeping your grass tidy and trimming the shrubs will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Nice gardens sell faster than a messy one. 

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