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Learning under Lockdown

While some people seem to be thriving under lockdown as many look for productive ways to escape the noise of the four walls they’ve become overly familiar with in the past 8 weeks. For a lot of people, it may still feel like they’ve been unable to get into the groove of ‘self-development’ during this time and are still looking for ways to scratch the itch of perfecting something new.

First things first, if you haven’t yet explored a whacky new way of learning something new - there is nothing wrong with that! In the current climate, it can be easy to beat yourself up about not participating in fitness challenges or joining online knitting communities, I will not be shaming anyone for indulging in the bingeing of your favourite shows or just enjoying the present and slowing down.

Learning looks different to everyone and covers everything that you do in life. For those who don’t necessarily want to learn a new task but would rather get their brain juices flowing and indulge in a new topic completely, you’re in for a treat as Netflix once again has got your back. Netflix’s docu-series Explained dives into a plethora of topics that often go well - unexplained and do it in a cool bite-sized amount (each episode lasts 20 minutes max)with a special episode on Coronavirus and all from the comfort of your sofa.

Another task that we’ve all been having to partake in more than before is cooking. Now for some, this was welcomed by open arms as lockdown allows them more time to fine-tune their already ace culinary skills. But for others, it might be an annoying necessity solved through eating bolognese 4 out of 5 days a week. However, all is not lost as life in lockdown has unleashed a treasure trove of tutorials available to step by step learn your favourite dishes without the hassle.

Despite the cooking and informative bingeing the skillset, the masses have been doing the most google searches on everything digital! Yes, as our movements have been restricted people have been trying out new ways of connecting with others and being creative through the unfiltered digital field.

New research shows that two-thirds of the general public are ‘embarrassed’ by huge gaps in their knowledge – blaming the choices they made while in education. The research was commissioned by giffgaff, the mobile network run by you, to launch the giffgaff Academy, a brand new online hub that focuses on teaching members and non-members digital skills through a series of online videos.

If there have been any skills that you’ve managed to finesse under lockdown we’d love to hear the tips and tricks as to how you managed to do it! Make sure to share your projects in the comments below or our social media.

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