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12 easy date night ideas in 2020

It is super easy to take your other half for granted. After the initial few months/years you settle into a pattern. All the first are long behind you and it becomes a bit more routine than you would like. It is really easy to get into a rut in a relationship. But this does not have to be the way. The start of a relationship is always fun. The first date, the first kisses, the first holiday and then we become more comfortable and they become a distant memory. 

Life has been a bit different at the moment and I want to share with you how to bring back date night into your relationship. It is so important to get some quality time with your other half away from distractions like work, your phones and the kids if you have them. Life gets busy and we forget to really apiculate each other and it is so important to do. So here are my suggestions on date night ideas. 

In the house ideas

A romantic meal
Why not make a romantic meal. Picture the scene in a movie with candles and rose petals spread lovely on your table. Why not cook your other half favourite meal and the next week your partner can return the favour. Turn off your phones and enjoy each other company, your favourite food and a nice glass of wine or beer and you are one to a winner. 

Film night
I love a film night this is such a nice way to reconnect with your other half. Why not do this once a week and you can each pick films you like or how about reliving your youth and pick your favourite childhood film. either way, its time to get snuggly on the sofa and get some popcorn or crisp in and get all comfy and watch the big screen. 

Game night 
I love board games. Yes, I do. There is just something so fun about it. Why not rediscover those board games which are gathering dust in your cupboard. How about a monopoly or trivial pursuit?  Or what about a who done it like Cluedo. There are just so many options. 

Not into board games why not challenge each other on the games console. Fancy a bit of FIFA or how about try a classic like Mario kart Is there anything better than a Mario kart battle? or what about a karaoke session? Games night will defiantly bring you together. As long as you are not too competitive or course. 

Recreate your first meal together 
What was you first meal? Was it a fine dining experience or was it a Macdonalds? Whatever it was get in the kitchen and get cooking it up. You are allowed to cheat and order in if you like might be easier than trying to cut very thin chips if it was Macdonald. 

Cook together
Whilst we are thinking about cooking. Why not learn to cook together? Fancy learning to make sushi this is your chance do it together. There are thousands of cooking how to's on youtube, so why not be adventurous and gain a new skill or make a complete mess of your kitchen it's up to you. 

Why not set time aside to massage your partner. Being a qualified sports massage. I know the benefit of a massage. There is not only the benefit to your aching muscles and joints but there is the closeness you will get from each other touch. Why not watch a youtube on how to massage and give it a whirl? 

This can fall to the wayside in a relationship or become a routine. It is time to get the spark back and rediscover your passion for each other. Start with a conversation about what you want from your intimate lives. There are many ways to spice up your sex life from dressing up to sex toys to bondage. Whatever you are into there is something for you to both enjoy. 

So what are you waiting for? Why not try adding a bit of spice back into in your naughty life. There are so many options out there from the tame like adding whipped cream to the more extreme like adding Pabo dildo's into the mix. There really is an option for you and your fantasy. This will definitely bring you together again. So why not start by having a conversation and see where you both want to go with your sex life. 

Get outside

Bike ride 
Why not get out on your bikes and head out to the mountains or down the local park. If this is something you haven't done in ages I can promise you biking will bring you closer together. Dont worry if you haven't ridden your bike in years. It really is like riding a bike. You will be fine and have a blast whizzing down the trails with your other half. Exercise and fun with your partner it's a win-win right here. 

Its time to pack up your favourite picnic food and head outside. It doesn't matter if you do this in your garden, a remote beach or local park There is nothing more fun than a picnic in the sunshine. Layout your picnic blanket and get the Pimms out and reconnect over sandwichs and strawberries. 

Walks are not just forms of exercise or mental release they can be a lovely way to take time out with your other half. Spend the afternoon on a hike or walking around your local walking routes. Getting out in the fresh air and discovering new places and walks is a great way to spend time together. 

Well, it is the weather to dust off that old bbq and get to grilling. Is there anything nicer than a good old bbq? Sitting outside with the smell of charcoal and food in the air is a nice way to waste an evening with your partner. Dont forget the marshmallows for afters. 

Dinner out 
Why not book in at your favourite restaurant and let someone else do the cooking for you. Let's face it we have all done our share of cooking during the last few months it is time to get out and enjoy yourself. Sensibly of course.  There are so many restaurants open now and you have been cooped up for a long time. So get out and enjoy a night off cooking. 

I hope this has inspired you to spend more time together and reconnect with your loved one. 

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