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is tie dye the new must have Tshirt?

Well, I am on my holidays in devon right now. I have traveled to my wonderful in-laws for a week of catching up. It is so nice down here and it really feels like I am abroad. The highlands have been a bit wet and cold, the last few weeks. Luckily I have some new clothes to wear on my travels too. You will notice in my photos I am in a new location so Thought I had better tell you I am on my holiday. 

Today we are doing a Femme Luxe haul. If you don't know about Femme Luxe, They are an online fashion store. They stock everything from loungewear to Black Lace Bodysuits and bikinis. They really are your one-stop-shop for fashion. Oh did I mention they are super affordable too? Honestly, I love their clothes. 

A bit about me if you are new here. I am a size 8 at the moment I am normally an 8/10 but I have been training a bit harder for my summer holiday. My summer holidays are mountain biking so I need to be physically strong and fit for it. I am an hourglass shape. I hold my weight on my hips boobs and bum. I will tell you what size I have got so you can gauge the sizing.  These posts always photo heavy so let's get into it. Yes, I am aware I will not be going on holiday but summer bodies are made in winter so I was already training before this all happened and being fit and healthy at this time can only help me right? 

Lets dive in a see what I have ordered lately. 

This is the Black One Shoulder Crop Top Loungewear Set - Masey £15.99 size S/M
I love love love this set. It is super stretchy and comfortable and it just looks so classic. the leggings are high waisted and really dark. I love the top it is such a nice cut. I think it really is perfect on sleeve top. I love this combination. I think you can dress this up or down. You could wear this around the house or to the pud or for a meal. I would team with a side sweep hairstyle and nice natural makeup and a red lip. Dress up or down this is an awesome must-have set. 

This is the Pink Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt - Veda £8.99 and size 6/8 This is pink tie-dye heaven. I love this pattern it looks like pink dreamy clouds. I just love the cut off it too. The sizing is oversized but not huge. I love this look. So easy to wear especially when the weather is so changeable. I love a more floaty t-shirt for a hot day.  I will team this as above or with a skirt for summer and as part of lunge wear for winter this really is dreamy pink heaven. 

This is the Rust Ribbed Pocket Detail Loungewear Set - Laura £18.99 size 8/10
Did I order this because it is called the Laura? Yes. Do I feel like this is meant for me? Yes. Did I have to have it? Yes. I love this two loungewear set. It is a gorgeous rust colour. Making it perfect for summer and autumn. It is really stretchy and comfy. Plus it looks really nice on my shape. I think the trousers are a bit long but this really makes my legs look longer so I am not mad at that at all. I love the little pocket detail on these too. The top is the perfect cut for my shape too. I would team with some sandals or shoes and again this is one you can dress up or down. 

 This is the Pink Tie Dye Padded Shoulder Sleeveless T-Shirt - Seema Size 6/8 £11.99
This was my gamble item I was not too sure what I was going to think of this. I was a bit like o I like the colour but the cut might not suit me. I love it I love the mad colours I love the cut and I really like the longer sleeve cutouts. There is shoulder pads in it but I am unsure if they are needed or not. I really like this T-shirt with a nice pair of shorts for summer or with a maxi skirt. I would say I will get alot of use out of this one. Some times you have to gamble and win. 

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