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The best summer tshirt in 2020.

I am sat in the garden soaking up the sun. The sun has its hat on and I feel very happy about it. I am a sun worshiper. I love the sun and it makes me very happy. Are you a sun worshiper? I love nothing more than spending time outside getting my vitamin D levels replenished. I am as you may know a highland girl and I think because the sun is a rare thing in the highland I lap it up when it is about or I am holidaying. With this in mind and clearly the sunshine in my head Today, I have a T-shirt haul for you all. Come on you must love a good Tshirt in this weather. 

we are doing a Femme Luxe haul. If you don't know about Femme Luxe, They are an online fashion store. They stock everything from Dresses, jeans, loungewear to T shirts and bikinis. They really are your one-stop-shop for fashion. Oh did I mention they are super affordable too? Honestly, I love their clothes. 

A bit about me if you are new here. I am a size 8 at the moment I am normally an 8/10 but I have been training a bit harder for my summer holiday. My summer holidays are mountain biking so I need to be physically strong and fit for it. I am an hourglass shape. I hold my weight on my hips boobs and bum. I will tell you what size I have got so you can gauge the sizing.  These posts always photo heavy so let's get into it. Yes, I am aware I will not be going on holiday but summer bodies are made in winter so I was already training before this all happened and being fit and healthy at this time can only help me right?

So Let's get stuck in. 

This is the White 'Couture' Lip Print Oversized T-Shirt - Melissa Size S £7.99
Why does this give me Cardi b vibes? I love this t-shirt. It is so fun and different I dont own anything like this and I really love it. It is definitely oversized which I like. It is super soft and feels nice to wear. This would look good with short or a skirt for a more dressed up look. This would make a great beach cover-up too. I just love the lips and peal design. 

This is the Coral 'California' Graphic Print T-Shirt - Rivka £9.99 size XS
This is so nice. I was a bit hesitant with the length of this T-shirt as I thought it might be a weird length on me. But I am happy to report its the perfect short length on my frame. Now this T shirt is just summer in one item of clothing, isn't it? It screams summertime and happiness. I love the palm trees and California design. I have teamed this with denim short and it looks awesome as well as with the femme legging I am wearing here. I really love this one. It is so soft the sizing seems spot on for me too. I love the rolled-up hem too it gives it another dimension. This is I am off to the beach and I can not wait for T-shirt. Team with flipflops your favourite shorts and hit the beach. 

This is the Black 'BO$$Y' Oversized T-Shirt - Ellis £8.99 size S. 
This is a very oversized Tshirt so bear that in mind when ordering. I am bossy when I need to be. I love this Its so fun. I never really think of myself as bossy but I do run my own business and have to get things done so I guess I am a boss and that makes me bossy right? Who doesn't have a slogan T-shirt? I know I do. Come on if your T-shirt does the talking you dont have to right? I would team this like above with leggings or with shorts or a maxi skirt. Keeping the summer vibes I would add flipflops or sandals. Get beach waves in your hair and embrace the summer weather. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and look out for my next haul. 

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