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Holistic skin and body treatments – what you need to know

With all the different beauty treatments on offer in today’s beauty industry, it can be hard to keep up! There are treatments such as skin peels and laser hair removal, which are always popular, but you may  have started to see more articles in magazines and online about holistic beauty treatments. While these treatments are not necessarily new, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some info on what you need to know about holistic beauty.

To do this, we have worked with Aesthetics Lab, an award-winning cosmetic clinic based in London. The Aesthetics Lab founders (Tania, Marsha and Kristina) believe in the benefits of holistic body and skin treatments, and it is something they are happy to talk about with clients at their clinic.

What is it?
If you are unsure what holistic treatments and a holistic approach to beauty is, then hopefully this can shed some light on it for you. Tania Zahoor Rashid, one of Aesthetics Lab’s founders, told us that “a holistic approach to skin and body treatments would ensure that the treatment plan included aspects of treating from within as well as topical treatments.” This means that along with beauty treatments you may receive from a clinic such as Aesthetics Lab, your treatment will include nutritional and skincare information that you can put into practice yourself at home. This approach to beauty treatments also takes into account your lifestyle so that any treatment plan can fit in with your everyday routine.

A holistic approach can be slightly different from holistic treatments. In the beauty industry, holistic treatments can sometimes be known as ‘alternative therapies’. These can include treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy and homeopathy. There is an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of some of these treatments, so you must look into this thoroughly before committing to a procedure.

What are the benefits?
When it comes to a holistic approach to skin and beauty, there are benefits which can be seen when compared to a treatment which does not take further considerations into account. If we take acne as an example, this is a common skin condition affecting people throughout their life. According to the NHS, about 95% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 are affected by the condition to some extent. Acne causes spots and oily skin and can also cause skin which is painful and hot to touch. While acne is most common in people in their teenage year, it can continue into adult life with about 3% of adults experiencing acne past 35 years old.

There are a range of treatments for acne, with everything from tablets, gels and creams, to skin treatments offered by beauty clinics. A holistic approach to acne treatment would not only look at the skin and how it can be treated but also at treating the initial cause to prevent it from returning. Acne can be related to gut issues, and by addressing this along with skin treatments, it can be a more effective method of treatment. Tania told us that at Aesthetics Lab they would look at treatment options such as skin peels, LED light therapy and microneedling. Then complementing this with skin supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals along with “a special diet that eliminates foods that can make skin break out.”

Similarly, if you are having a treatment such as CoolScultpting®, which is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction, a holistic approach can have benefits to its effectiveness. Kristina Hutchins, co-founder of Aesthetics Lab, told us that “if we are treating a pocket of fat with CoolScultpting® and recommend a healthy diet and exercise regime, the results from the treatment will be visible sooner and will last longer. We work with personal trainers and exercise studios which can devise an exercise regime that is suited to your lifestyle to speed up and maintain the results.”

According to Marsha Starcevic, Aesthetics Lab have seen an “increased demand in holistic treatments as people are not after a quick fix but want to maintain the results achieved, as well as address the issue that brought on the concern in the first place.” Furthermore, “a skin and body treatment will be able to deliver results on its own, but if not maintained with a healthy diet or exercise routine it will need to be done again and again.” It is therefore clear why a holistic approach to treatments has increased in popularity.

Another reason why a holistic approach to beauty treatments have seen an increase in popularity is that they are not limited to certain people, everyone could benefit from a holistic approach. When asked what advice she would give to someone looking into a holistic approach or holistic treatment themselves, Marsha said “follow all the recommended steps for the best results and don’t skip anything. A holistic approach does require some dedication, however the results are worth it.”

Hopefully, the information in this article has helped you better understand what a holistic approach to beauty treatments and how you can benefit from them. Thanks again to Tania Zahoor Rashid, Marsha Starcevic and Kristina Hutchins from Aesthetics Lab for their insight into this area!

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