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Tutti Rouge bra and bralette review 2020

Today we are talking breast, boobies, Tatas or whatever you want to call them. We are talking about them. One thing that never changed with my fitness journey is I am in the big cup gang. I have maybe gone down a few cups but I am in the DD+ category and I can not see that changing any time soon. I have always been a bit jealous of smaller cupped girls who can wear the little soft cup bras and I never thought us bigger busted babes would get some in our size that would look as pretty and let's face it support them boobies. 

I have an ample chest I need support. There I said it, I need support so that  I don't get a bad back. Something you might not know about me I was once a bra fitter and let me tell you. I know most women are wearing the wrong bra size. Yes if you are reading this I can almost guarantee you are in that category. I would say go and get measured but I am pretty sure that is something you can not do at the moment. Getting the correct fitting bra is a life changer and you will definitely feel the difference. I will as soon as I can be getting re-measured to check I am what I think I am. 

I have a very tiny back I am a 28/30 So you can imagine this is a hard one to get bras for! The market is opening up to us small backed big boobed woman I am happy to say. I have a lovely post for you today. The lovelies over at Tutti rouge sent me a few of there styles to try. Tutti Rouge moto is The fuller bust company If there was ever a company for me it is this one. 

What the Tutti Rouge says 
We only make lingerie for curvy women, so the designs have only you in mind. Our girls are on fire from the get-go. Only the very best, stylish and comfortable D+ bras make it into our collection. After all, if you’re not supported how can you feel confident and stylish? Sized from a 30 – 48 back and cups from D – G, we have a range of fits, styles and looks to work anytime, day or night – take it from everyday sexy to Friday night fierce!

Without further ado here is the set I received and what I think about them. 

This the Sophia Bra set My top is 32F and bottoms size small. it is a super cute black set. The briefs are very see-through so there are no photos of them on. This is a very sexy little number it has a stunning lacy detailing on the straps and cups. I really like this one it is comfortable to wear and looks really cute under a crop top as the lace detailing is very cute. The bra is supportive and nice to wear all day. The briefs are a nice full brief they are true to size and comfy to wear. Something that is sexy and comfy I mean the dream right. 

This is the Roxy Bralette set The bralette is a size 30DD/E/F and briefs size 10.
So hands down these are my favourite. You can tell with the number of photos I took. This is so comfortable to wear. When I first set eyes on it I was concerned the straps would be uncomfortable but you don't even notice you are wearing them. This set is far too gorgeous. I love the look of this set It is sexy and modern. You can wear it under most things without it showing to much. Unless you want it to show of course. I feel fully supported but this bralette which is something I was not suspecting with a bralette.  Hands down I would have bought this one myself and if they made it in another colour I would add it to my cart in a heartbeat. I feel like this was made for my body. This is the set that I feel most confident in for sure. 

This is Frankie Garnet Bralette set Bralette size 32DD/E/F briefs size Small. I love red. This is so pretty there has been so much thought put into the design of this bralette. It is the most supportive of the two bralettes. It is has a kinda sports bra support to it. No, not a full-on heavy-duty sports bra but it is more like a yoga bra. if you are into fitness you will know what I mean. It keeps the girls closer to your chest and is a bit more compressed. I really like this bralette it is just so pretty. I love the lace on the back to the straps.  the front is a bit see-through but you can still wear it under most things no problem.  The briefs are a bit on the cheeky side with a high bum cut. 

I have really liked all the styles I was sent from Tutti Rouge. They really seem to get us curvy girls and the real needs we have. I hope you liked this review. Stay tuned for more like this. 

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