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8 Habits of Every Successful Couple

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It might sound like a massive cliché, but they really are right when people say, “relationships take work”.

It doesn’t just have to be about hard work, though, as introducing certain habits as part of your relationship can really help to build a strong and happy relationship.

Although you can by no means say that any two relationships are the same, there are definitely noticeable elements of good relationships that can be applied to most! Here are some of the habits that are common between relationships that thrive:

Creating Common Interests

It is said that opposites attract, but if you find that you and your partner have little in common, this may cause problems down the line in your relationship. Creating a common interest for the both of you is a way to form a closer connection and develop a hobby that the two of you can share forever.

Not only will this give you additional conversation points in your relationship, but it can also ensure that you can spend some quality time together when enjoying your interest – whether it’s learning a new craft, cooking together or watching a series.

Focus on the Positive

It can be very easy to focus on the negative, and this can lead to destructive arguments. While it’s very easy to find negative things to complain about, it also doesn’t take much effort to think of something positive to say – whether it’s thanking someone for making a meal or for being supportive.

Try to make space for the positive and make a point of at least one good thing your partner has achieved each day.

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Taking Time to Check-In

When you’re apart during the day, be sure to check in with each other to see how the other is doing. Hearing from your loved one can be just the thing to perk up your day.

Another side to this is that it can give you a bit of warning if things aren’t going so well. If you hear your partner is having a tough day, then you can adjust how you greet them in the evening or even return home with a special treat to help cheer them up.

Always Say “I Love You” and “Goodnight”

Even if you’ve had a big argument that hasn’t fully been resolved, you shouldn’t go to bed without saying “I Love You” or “Goodnight”. This helps to tell your partner that you still love them and want to be with them, even if things are a little tough!

Apologising Properly

We all make mistakes, and sometimes, this may cause our partner to be upset. Being able to say sorry (and mean it!) is a sign of maturity and is a crucial aspect of successful relationships.

Express empathy, take responsibility and make efforts to work on the behaviour that has caused upset.

The same can be true for accepting apologies. There is nothing helpful about holding a grudge, so if you have accepted an apology, then this mistake should never be used to shame or punish your partner in future arguments.

Sharing the Good and the Bad

Life certainly isn’t all good, all the time! We all have areas of life that may bring us anxiety, dissatisfaction or upset, and it is really important to share all of this with your partner. Many couples report that having tougher conversations and sharing such worries brought them closer together.

Be sure to listen empathetically, so your partner knows that their concerns are heard.
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Time Together, Time Apart

Another habit of successful couples is being able to find the right balance between time spent together and time spent apart. A couple is made of two individuals, and these two people should have their own time to find fulfilment separately.

Find a balance that works for both of you between me-time and we-time. This way, you can give each other support and have fun together, while also making room for your own needs and interests.

Effectively Communicating Needs

Communication can be tricky, especially if you don’t know how your partner will react, or even exactly what you want to say! But good communication really is the key habit of all successful couples.

Good communication involves being honest, clear and direct about your needs. Communication helps to avoid negative feelings like resentment and detachment from developing in a relationship, as it allows for both partners to share their needs and feelings.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done, and many couples do struggle to openly communicate without some sort of relationship counselling online or in person.

Do you have any tips for having a successful relationship? I’d love to hear them, so please leave me a comment below to share your advice!

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