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Is now the time to move house?

Today I want to let you in on a little secret. We are finally thinking about moving. This has been a huge decision for us. I am a Highland girl as you know and It is time to look to the future and think really hard about what we want out of life. We are considering a move to Dumfries and Galloway. I want to talk to you today about why we are considering this. 

The reasons we are considering the big move 

My husband

My husband is in the police force if you are a long time follower you will know this is where we met. He has been a beat cop for over 11 years. In this time he has worked in a city and has enjoyed the wonderful world of being a rural cop. Think Hamish Macbeth style here in our lovely little village.  It is his wish to further his career. Unfortunately, this is not possible in our current area. So we need to look at one of the areas this could be a possibility. 


I love being in the highlands but It is very far from everything. I have missed out on a lot of blogger opportunities due to my location. It is not practical to travel the length of the country to do certain campaigns.  I would also like to train as a dog groomer. As I know this little side business would make me so happy. We are very aware that there has been a huge surge in house prices in the UK but we are thinking we will be looking to move next year and are hopeful things will level out by then. 

Us as a couple

We are so far from our family. My inlaws are in Devon and brother and sister in law in Berkshire. We have some of our best friends in the lake district. It would be nice to be closer to all of these people. At the moment it would take us 12 hours to get to my inlaws in an emergency and this does worry me. With the whole lockdown we have all faced I think we both realise we need to be closer to the family. Yes, I know this is still far from devon but it is a lot closer than we know. 

We are very into mountain biking as you may know and be so close to all the amazing trail centres in the boarders would be amazing, to say the least. 


At the moment we are living in a police house. This is a great place to be but there are also numerous downfalls to this also.  We want to buy our own house. We are ready to be homeowners. We have both done extensive research into areas and the house prices in Dumfries and Galloway are really affordable. I have found a fantastic little resource mortgage calculator. It has been so helpful for us to find out what a mortgage will really cost us and how it all works out. It is really handy as it so quick and easy to use and it doesn't bamboozle you will unnecessarily information. If you are looking for a mortgage go and check it out and it will show you what you need to know at a glance. 

We have been really thinking hard about what we need in a house. I think we are looking for three-bedroom but two would work too if the house was worth the sacrifice of one bedroom. I would need somewhere to work in the new house so if it was a two-bedroom there would need to be enough space for me to have a work area. So that is important to us. 

We have two dogs and they are our babies and will need a big garden to run about in this a non-negotiable. 

I would like to be in a rural setting. You can take the girl out the highland etc. We want to be near good mountain bike riding and the hubby wants to be able to cycle to work. So the hunt is now on to actually look for a house we want to live in. We are hoping to head to Dumfries soon and look around the area and see what is about. 

I hope you enjoyed this little life update. 

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