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Why vitamin D is so important

The summer weather is becoming a distant memory and we are moving into autumn. I want to talk to you today about the importance of vitamin D. First you need to know a few things. I have a back story with vitamin D. A few years ago I was very poorly. I had glandular fever and swine flu within a few months of each other and this weakens my immune system. I was very ill for a long time both of these illnesses have lasting effects but I was very unlucky to have had them so close together. So my immune system took longer to get back to some form of normality. 

A couple of years ago I was having health problems again and I spent a lot of time having numerous tests one of the tests that I had done was vitamin testing. It turned out I had the lowest levels of vitamin D that my doctor had ever seen. My body was just not getting enough to store any. This was one of the reasons I was so sick and liable to injury. I learned the hard way to take care of my body and pay attention to my vitamin intake.  

Now I take vitamin d supplements every day. I buy my vitamins online and make sure I never run out. I recommend you do the same. Today I want to talk about Vitamin D and why it is so important to get enough in your body. So that you do not get as ill as I did. I was very naive in the way of vitamin d and what it was for and why I need it before all this happened to me. 

Why is vitamin D important?

Vitamin D is used by the body to help absorb calcium. Calcium is one of the major components in building the bones in our body. It also is used in the nervous and immune systems and to build muscle. It is really important in our body. 

Having a lack of vitamin D can lead to a loss in bone density. This can lead you to have bone fractures or even osteoporosis. The lack of vitamin D has also been linked to conditions such as high blood pressure, cancers and autoimmune conditions like sclerosis. There are a lot of research doing in to what a lack of vitamin D can do to you are your body. 

Where can you get vitamin D from 

We can get vitamin D naturally through our skin from the sun. I did read a case study that says that british people tend to not get enough vitamin D from the sun. Also remember to use suncream when out in the sun to stop any skin damage. 

We can also get it from our diet in thing like fatty fish like tuna, cheese, mushrooms and egg yolks. This is just a few foods that Vitamin D can be found in. There are also a lot of foods with added vitamin D so make sure you read your food labels. 

Lastly we can add Supplements to our diet. Vitamin Supplements are a guaranteed way to get the right amount of vitamin D in our daily lifes. This is what I do. 

You might be high risk of a vitamins D deficiency if you

  • Spend all your time in doors
  • Cover your skin up
  • Are not eating vitamin d enriched foods like fish
  • Are Overweight
  • Are Elderly 
  • Live in northern areas, Less year round sun. Yip just being british is a risk factor.

The signs that you need to watch out for

These are all symtoms or things to watch out for when looking for a vitamin D deficiency
  • Getting sick more offen. Do you catch every cold? are you feeling run down? 
  • Bone pain or backache
  • Feeling tired 
  • Hair loss
  • muscle pain
  • slow healing wounds
  • Depression
These can all be risk factors and if you are unsure and experiencing any symtoms of vitamin D deficiency  you need to contact your doctor. It is really important to take care of yourself. If you are at all concern then please seek medical help and they will point you in the right direction of what you need to do to get fit and healthy again. 

I hope you found this helpful and have learned a thing or two about vitamin D. 

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