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Why you should buy antique jewellery

 I have not talked about a little obsession of mine for a while and I feel today is the day. I want to just come out and say it I love antique jewellery. You may or may not know this but I actually worked in a jeweller.  It was my little part-time job when I was at acting college. I loved learning about different gems and diamonds and I actually have a really good eye for diamonds. So I was told. Let's face it I have always like sparkly things and working in a store full of precious stones was wonderful for me. 

I love online shopping for antique jewellery and one of my favourite online stores is Carus Jewellery I can spend hours browsing their antique jewels. Oh my gosh, I might need rehab for looking at the ring and bracelet sections. If you don't know them you need to go check them out. 

Why you should be buying antique jewellery 

Value for money

There is no better value for money than buying antique jewellery. You will find that in the antique market your money will go a lot further than in the new market. Let's look at the ring above as an example this is the Aquamarine & Sapphire Ring £3750. To buy a similar new ring with this quality and style you are looking in the ballpark of £5500. By just buying antique you are saving a lot of money. In the antique market, you will get a higher quality of stone, gold and craftsmanship for less. It is always worth looking at antique before you buy new. 


If you are looking for a good investment. You can not go wrong with buying antique jewellery. Antique jewellery retains its value or sometimes it will even go up in value. When you buy antique you are buying rarer items. With everything in life, the fewer of something the more unquiet it becomes and with this the price will go up.

With time antique items will become less available and this will push your investment up in value. Certain items will never lose their value they will only gain value. Let's face it there are not many rings or necklaces kicking about from the Tudor era are there? when these do appear and go for auction they are going to be super pricey. This is of course an extreme example but you get what I am saying. 

The history 

You all know if you have followed me for a while I am a history buff. I love history and history coupled with sparkly things is far too good. I love how fashion has evolved and this giving us so many different styles and choices. I adore this Edwardian broach it is so beautifully made and it combines both of my loves jewellery and history. 

I really enjoy to try and research the stories behind the antique jewellery that I buy. You will find that the rare items like this brooch that are still around have been cared for really well. They tend to be peoples treasured items and I find this so interesting. Come on who doesn't love the magic of these items. You are owning a part of someone's history and making it part of your own. This is such a lovely thing to think about. 


If you are looking to be more sustainable. You definitely need to shop antique. These items cause less carbon footprint. It takes a lot of people and industries to make new jewellery. So why not buy antique and help to lessen the environmental factors in creating new jewellery. Plus you are buying a piece of history too. So it is win, win. 

The hunt

If you like a challenge you will love the thrill of the chase with antiques. There is nothing quite like trying to track down that rare and unquiet item. You might be a collector and trying to get an item for each era or you might be an avid art deco collector. Whatever your passion you will love to search for your must have items for your collection. So why not write a list and get your hunt on for your holy grail items now. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little guide and I hope it has motivated you to buy some antique jewellery. 

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