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Cosy leasy to wear loungewear and health update.

 Well, it has really cold now. I am sitting here freezing writing this. I am already waiting for the first snow to really settle on the mountain here in the highlands. The leaves are all neatly off the trees and we are fast approaching December. How on earth did that happen. 

Last time I updated you on what is going on. Yesterday I received my scan. I had an ultrasound the lovely woman radiographer said she thought everything she could see looked nice and healthy. She did say that she couldn't see the bowel so that might be the issue. I have to say that after that scan I put a hot water bottle on my stomach and I don't know if it was that or the scan but I am been in quite a lot of pain. I am hoping the doctor will call me soon. The radiographer said my GP will call me. So hopefully I will hear soon and he will let me know what is next. Really want to get to the bottom of this pain. It is quite worrying and we all know my mind runs away with its self and gets all tied up in knots. Whatever it is there is not too much I can do about it but hope it can be treated. 

With that in mind, today is all about comfy loungewear.  We have a FEMME LUXE haul I need to show you. If you don't know about Femme Luxe, where have you been? They are an online fashion store that stock everything from Dresses to jeans to bikinis to loungewear. They really are your one-stop shop for fashion. Oh did I mention they are super affordable too? Honestly, I love their clothes. Plus they do amazing sales and discount codes so keep your eye peeled for them. 

A bit about me if you are new here. I am a size 6/8 at the moment I am normally an 8 but I have been training a bit harder for my autumn holiday hopefully. My holidays are mountain biking so I need to be physically strong and fit for it. I am an hourglass shape. I hold my weight on my hips boobs and bum. I will tell you what size I have got so you can gauge the sizing.  These posts are always photo heavy so let's get into it.

This is the 
Stone Off The Shoulder Jumper & Drawstring High Waisted Joggers Knitted Loungewear Set - Christina
size 6/8. I really like this little set. I love a long jumper for colder days. It just makes you feel so cosy and warm. This one is not too thick not too thin so just right. I love the jogger. They are jogger/ legging in my opinion. I love the nice wide neck on this jumper. I know I will be able to wear these in so many ways. I really like this one. 

This is the 
Lime Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper - Lore size 6/8 this is oversized jumper heaven. I love that this is massive and so forgiving. I am so bloated at the moment that I know I will be reaching for this. It is so nice and big and can be paired with so many pairs of trousers or leggings. I also really love the colour it is so nice. 

This is the 
Stone Knitted Oversized Long Sleeve Crop Jumper High Waisted Leggings Loungewear Set - Harriet size 8 I love this cute set. I like the shorter length of the jumper and the wide neck. I love a wide neck on a jumper I just find it so much comfier. I really like the pattern detailing on this one. It sits nicely on the. waist for me. I am 5ft6 if that helps at all with sizing. This is the perfect lounge around the house outfit. So comfy and not tight at all. 

I hope you have liked this little haul and life update. I always promised I would keep you in the loop with what is going on with me. Let's face it this little site was made as a place for me to get my thoughts and feeling out into the world. I am so happy to be able to share my life with you all and be able to do this as my job. Every day I can not believe this is my life. 

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