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Is Gnoce the new place to buy quality charm bracelet

With Christmas right around the corner. How on earth did that happen and are we are nearly at the festive season already. It was the start of summer a minute ago right?  There is one thing for sure at least one of your family members will want a charm bracelet or charms for a charm bracelet as a gift this year.

 Charm bracelets have been in style for many years now and unlike other trends, they seem to be here to stay. Everyone seems to have a charm bracelet from your granny to your niece they all have them.  Charm bracelets are popular with all ages and I can see why as they come in so many styles and options. Making them so customisable and unquiet. 

Most people, when they think charm bracelets they think pandora, but what if I told you there just might be a better option? Bear with me and I might just open your mind to a new possibility and a new range of charms and options that pandora just don't have. I want to introduce you to Gnoce. Gnoce make amazing charm bracelets so lets compare them to pandora shall we? 

First the bracelets 

You have to start every charm bracelet journey with an actual bracelet right? So pandora is known for its classic sterling silver bracelets which retails at a starting price of £55. Where as Gnoce's sterling 925 silver bracelet is only £34.07. It is just as good quality and I would say I like the style better. That is a good saving for this time of year. Let's face it every penny counts right? Pandora do have a wide range of bracelets other than the classic silver one but again so does Gnoce.  But Actually Gnoce they actually have a lot more options and style. 

The charms

Some might argue the most important part of any charm bracelet is the actual charms. Charms should mean something to the person you are giving them too. I have gifted a few over the years and I like that I can pick something unquiet and personal. Now pandora do make lots of charms but I have to say Gnoce have pipped them to the post here and have a bigger and more extensive range of charms. 

Price of charms 

Well my eyes where opened the first time I bought a charm from pandora they are so expensive. They are a minim of £20 and that is for what I would class as a filler charm not a really nice one. I was a bit shocked when a charm I choose was more expensive than the bracelet it was being put on with pandora. Pandoras most expensive charms are an eye watering £100 for a little charm for a bracelet. 

Thankfully Gnoce is better value for money and has nice charms starting at £14.05, The range is massive from beautiful crystal encrusted charms to quirky character charms and the most expensive Gnoce charm is only £42.22. Now that is value for money. 

The quality 

Now I know what you are thinking well there is only one pandora for quality. You are wrong Gnoce is really good quality and there designs are incredible. I could argue that Groce charm bracelets are better quality and value for money than pandora. They are designed with care and they have more choices and a bigger range than pandora. 

Does Gnoce fit Pandora bracelets. 

I know a lot of you reading this will already have bought a pandora bracelet and will be wondering will Gnoce charms fit my bracelet? Yes of course they do.  So you can order these awesome more affordable charms for your bracelet or for your loved ones christmas or birthday. 

The delivery 

Now I can speak first hand about the struggle I have had with delivery from pandora. I once ordered a gift that never arrived. To say I was a bit annoyed was an understatement. They did thankfully send out a replacement but by time it arrived the birthday was over and I had to give the gift late. 

Lucky Gnoce offers super fast deliver and arrives in plenty of time for you to gift your item. It normally arrives with in 1-3 days from placing your order. They also offer free shipping on purchase over £59 Now that is good. 

The verdict 

I have no hesitations in saying that if you are looking for beautiful charm bracelets or charms for your bracelets or gifts you need to go an check out gnoce. You will not regret it and you might just save yourself some money that you can spend else where this festive season. 


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