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The best custom wedding jewelry

It beginning to look a lot more festive isn't it. The leaves are falling everything is awash with brown orange and gold colours and we are heading to the festive period at full steam. Did you know a whopping 40% of engagements happen over the festive period? 40% of people pick this time of year to get down on their knee and propose to their other half. I can totally understand why. There is something so magical about this time of year. 

But this time of year also works really well as a time to actually tie the knot. I have to say people always talk about how stressful weddings are but I had a very laid back attitude to my wedding and I think this worked well. I have been watching endless bridal programs on TV at the moment and this has me thinking about weddings and engagements. 

I love my engagement ring I have a stunning emerald cut diamond with a white gold band. I actually worked in jewellers when I was under and I can tell you that after the dress picking your wedding jewellery is the biggest stress. 

Today I wanted to talk to you about your wedding jewellery and your options. You can go down the high end jewelry you can do for costume jewellery the world really is your oyster but what you want is where you need help. I went through all the phases I wanted to show stoppers I wanted understated and elegant. I wanted something in between. Honestly getting the right set for your dress can be well a nightmare but it doesn't have to be. 

I have found this really lovely online shop called she said yes. It stocks everything from engagement rings to stunning necklaces and men's jewelry. It really does have you covered. 

I am going to show you my favourite moissanite wedding sets

This is the Scattering stars round cut necklace. One of the things I love about She said yes is you can customise your items. You can choose which gold you like from options such as 10k yellow gold right up to platinum. For this particular necklace, you can choose two stone colours or you can of course have them all the same. You can also choose the length of the chain.  I like the idea of having the same colour as the bridesmaids to make it match. My bridesmaids were in fuchsia. I love how personalised you can make it. The one above is 14k white gold with fuchsia and crystal stones in size 16inch and is only £445. For something so unique that is an amazing price. 

This is the You Are Special Bolo bracelet. This is in 10k white gold which is £600. You have the option to customise it completely. You can choose all the stone colours and the gold colour. you can even mix and match if you like. I think a nice delicate bracelet on your wedding day is the best way to go. 

I love classic earing. It will of course depend on your dress. But I like a nice little bit of bling not too much just the right amount of bling and understated. These are the Dreams do come true round cut stud earrings £240. Of course, you can customise them to make them perfect for you but I really do love these. They look so elegant and timeless. I think when choosing wedding items you need to remember that being timeless is always the best option. Your wedding photos will be with you a lifetime and no one wants to see awful dated photos. We have all looked back on those 80's wedding photos with horror and amusement, haven't we?

Remember planning your wedding shouldn't be all stress and worry. There are so many fun and nice things you can do to make your day special and having special and meaningful full jewellery is just one of the ways you can do this. You might never wear your wedding dress again but you can of course wear your bridal jewellery or you can keep it to pass on to a family member. Your wedding jewellery should be as individual as you are. You are special and amazing and worth it. So go on spoil yourself with some nice wedding jewels.

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