Wow, can you believe we are already talking Advent calendars? I could have sworn I had just completed my best advent calendars for the 2020 post and fast forward and we are here and ready to do the best advent calendars for 2021. It is just me or is there more calenders than normal this year? Just me well I am here for it. I love advent calendars.

Some of these calendars have been gifted to me for this feature some I have bought myself all will be reviewed as if I had bought them myself. 


I think it is only fair to start with one of my all-time favourite brands ARRAN sense of scotland Advent Calendar 2021. If you have been following me for a while you will know. I love ARRAN. I have bought so many products from them over the years and I find their scents just so heavenly. So an advent calendar with all my faves in it eh yes, please. 

Price £65 content value Over £140 
Your bang for buck with this one is awesome. 
What's inside: 

Glenashdale Shower Gel 50ml & Shampoo 50ml & Soap 40g
Mandarin & Petitgrain Candle 8cl, 
After the Rain Soap 40g & Shampoo 50ml & Conditioner 30ml & Shower Gel 30ml &  Lotion 30ml 
Seaweed & Sage Shower Gel 50ml & Lotion 30ml Shampoo 50ml & Conditioner 30ml & Soap 40g
Soft Cinnamon Candle 8cl
Glen Rosa EDT 15ml
Lochranza Soap 25g
Machrie Bath & Shower Gel 30ml & Soap 25g
After the Rain Candle 8cl
Lochranza Bath & Shower Gel 30ml
Lavender & Lemongrass Shampoo 50ml

This is beautiful I love the design of this calendar. It is cram-packed with quality products and is affordable and just gorgeous. I would not hesitate to recommend this calendar. If you have a beauty addict in your family this would make the perfect gift. 


If like me you love really nice quality skincare you need Evolve Beauty Advent Calendar. Oh my word this is overflowing with some very special items. Evolve does wonderful skincare I have tried a few of their products over the years and I especially love their masks. This one is 12 days to count down but don't let that stop you are getting lots of great products for those 12 days. 

Price £95 content value Over £134 

What's inside: 

Gentle Cleansing Melt (30ml), Hyaluronic Serum 200 (10ml), Superfood 360 Serum (10ml) 
Daily Renew Facial Cream (30ml), Multi-Peptide 360 Cream (30ml), Radiant Glow Mask (30ml) 
Miracle Mask (30ml), Bio-Retinol Gold Mask (30ml), African Orange Aromatic Wash (50ml) 
African Orange Aromatic Lotion (50ml), Superfood Shine Shampoo (50ml), Superfood Shine Conditioner (50ml) 

Just yes. If you are a bit of a skincare junkie or a lover of masks I really think this will be a fab option for you. There are some really good sample sizes in this calendar. I really think if you are gifting this it makes the perfect skincare gift. 


This one is defiantly my husband s favourite this is the Virgin wines Beer Advent calender. I mean who doesn't love a little drink on the run-up to the festive season. With this one, you can do it in style. 

Price £79 content value I can't find the value 

What's inside: 
24 330ml cans of craft beer. This is a showcase of all the top British beers. From IPA to pale ale to lagers and traditions UK ales there are beers to everyone's likings. 

If you have a beer fan in the family you need this calendar. It is not only full of all the best beers and ales but it is a super thoughtful gift and I bet you will find a new favourite beer within this calendar. 


We all need some extra vitamins and minerals at this time of year right? Let's face fit we all overindulge a bit at this time of year. Well, I have an exciting calendar for you.  Nourished Advent Calendar. Nourished is home to an award-winning tech start-up based company based in the UK who have developed a patented 3D printing technology that allows us to combine 7 different vitamins, super-foods and nutrients into one personalised gummy stack.

Price £59 content value £95

What's inside: 
Days 1-7  Inner defence nutrients - 7 vitamins and nutrients that will help support and protect your body’s natural immunity, so you can stay fighting fit throughout the festive season. Contains: LactoSpore® Probiotic, Vita-algae D3™️, Zinc, Vitamin C, Ginger Extract, K2 Vital Delta™️, Beta Glucan

Days 8-14 High Flyer nutrients -  Boost your energy levels and Nourish your brain this festive season with these 7 high impact active ingredients. Contains: LactoSpore® Probiotic, Ginger Extract, HydroCurc™️ & Black Pepper Extract, Vitamin B12, Vita-algae D3™️, Lycopene, Ashwagandha

Days 15-21 inner peace nutrients -  7 Nourishments to help soothe your mind and body. Contains: Milk Thistle Extract, CoQ10, HydroCurc™️ & Black Pepper Extract, Tart Cherry, Ashwagandha Extract, Maca Powder

Days 22-28  Party proof nutrients -  Don’t let a hangover dampen your festive cheer! These delicious stacks can help to relieve nausea, reduce fatigue and ease migraines. Contains: Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle Extract, LactoSpore® Probiotic, Ginger Extract, Vita-algae D3™️, HydroCurc™️ & Black Pepper Extract

Day 25 - Behind the 25th -  Nourished with your own exclusive gift card, worth up to £39.99.

a fantastic way to get your body ready for the festive season. This is perfect for anyone but get for health concourse people like me. I really love this idea of giving my body a little helping hand this festive season. 

Now I love Invisibobble's have had lots of them. I just think they are amazing and I used them all the time. I am so excited that they have brought out a calendar. Invisibobble Advent Calendar

Price £30 content value £59

What's inside: 

- 6x invisibobble ORIGINAL
- 5x invisibobble SLIM
- 3x invisibobble POWER- 2x invisibobble WAVER & WAVER+
- 1x invisibobble NANO & KIDS
- 1x invisibobble SPRUNCHIE & BOWTIQUE
- 1x invisibobble BUNSTAR & WRAPSTAR

This one is great for anyone with long hair. I love Invisibobble and being able to try some of the items I haven't yet purchased is great. If like me you are forever losing your hair bobbles and you love these you need this one in your life. 

Sweet treats. 

Oh, Montezumas how have I only just found you. My new chocolate heaven. If you are a chocolate fan and you are looking for something a little bit special then You need to keep reading. I must also mention that they are a sustainable company and everything is handcrafted. Montezuma really cares about their impact on the planet and that really shows.  I have three of Montezums calenders and the first up is Christmas Truffle advent calendar. I must also mention I love all their packaging and it is all 100% recyclable. 

Price £25.49 

What's inside: 
With classic rich, dark chocolate, salted dulce de leche caramel to smooth and creamy truffles, what better way to start your day, than with a deliciously creamy, milk, white or dark truffle. 

This is crammed packed with all of Montezumas signature truffles from sweet squirrel to American idol you will not be disappointed with this truffle calendar. I am so obsessed with American idol this is the best milk chocolate caramel truffle I have ever had now that is saying something as that is my favourite truffle. 

This is Montezuma's Organic Milk & White Chocolate This is marketed as a children's calendar but I am in love with it. It is so cute and full of chocolates I love. There anti no shame in saying this is my advent calendar this year too. 

Price £8.49

What's inside: 
The perfect children's calendar to countdown to Christmas, with our best selling house blend of Organic Milk & White Chocolate but in a more child-friendly box with slightly less chocolate per day, great for kids and big kids alike!

This one hardly need a verdict. Chocolate good, packaging good just yes. 
Well, this one was grabbed out of my hand before I had a chance to look at it. My other half loves dark chocolate and he was very happy when he saw this Absolute black 100% cocoa chocolate advent calendar

Price £8.49 

What's inside:
For that dramatic cocoa hit, a countdown to Christmas with our 100% cocoa solids, Absolute Black chocolate, but don't say we didn't warn you!

This is for the dark rich chocoholic in your family. It is dark chocolate at its best and most rich self. 

I have been eating Skinny bars for years and If you look in my snack cupboard you will always find their Skinny whip toffee & choc bars. I love them they are so tasty and a lower in calorie treat. For when I need a sugar hit. I did not know they did an advent calendar I am over the moon. 

Price £10 

What's inside: Packed with 24 full-sized Skinny Bars from the coveted Dream, Whip and Crunch ranges, the calendar features flavours such as Rocky Road, Chocolate Orange and Dark Chocolate and Mint.

This calendar sold out in record time. If you were one of the lucky ones to have nabbed on you will not be disappointed. I love the bright and vibrant packaging. It's really me. I love that there are flavours I haven't tried before. 

Well you will know I am a sugar addict and proud but I bet you didn't know I frikking love popcorn. I have since I was young and I am over the moon that The Popcorn shed has advent calendars. I have the Jingle Bell POP: Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar. Yes, I am excited. 

Price £20 
What's inside:

Why settle for the same chocolate every morning when you could indulge in 24 bags of yummy popcorn in six uniquely mouth-watering flavours:
Salted Caramel - Sea Salted Caramel Popcorn with Belgian Milk Chocolate 
Berry-licious - Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Popcorn 
Peanut Butter - Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn with Roasted Peanut Halves.
Pop N Choc - Chocolate Caramel Popcorn with Belgian Milk Chocolate.
Pecan Pie - Caramel Popcorn with Roasted Pecan Pieces.
Butterscotch – Salted Butterscotch Caramel Popcorn 

Come on you know I am in love with this one. I mean a little bit of popcorn every day until Christmas sign me right up. Plus it is not just any popcorn it's popcorn sheds so you know it is divine. 

I mean kids and grown-ups love it so it's Haribo. Who doesn't love Haribo? In fact, if you don't I am not sure you are telling the truth there is a Haribo sweet for everyone. Full disclosure I have hidden this Haribo Advent Calendar Christmas Sweets

Price £9.85
What's inside: 

3x goldbaren 2x schnuller 2 happy cola 2x goldbaren 2x quaxi 8 x merry christmas bags. 
1 x maoaw 1x haribo roulette 1 xmaoam blaxx 1x maoaw pinballs 

I mean it's Haribo? how can you not love it? It has good sized little bags and sweets for every day. 
Just yes thank you. 


Disney Advent Calendar Official Christmas Board Game I love this calendar I have never seen anything like this one. It's an advent calendar and a board game and who doesn't love a board game at Christmas. I love Disney so this would always be a winner in my book for any child. 

Price £14.99

What's inside: 

A Christmas advent surprise each day featuring your favourite 3D Disney Character figurines.
Piece together your puzzle to reveal your game board to play on Christmas day.
1 Puzzle Board; 16 Disney Characters figurine; 4 Coloured dice; 4 Card Standees; Perforated Snap card game; Game Rules

This is such a fun alternative to a standard board game and it doubles as a board game too. I love the cute little Disney figurines they are cute enough to just collect and play with too. 

That little cheeky chappy Elf on the shelf has his own The North Pole Advent Train. I know a little boy who will love this. He loves trains and what a great way to add some festive cheer than add in everyone Christmas friend Elf on the shelf.

Price £27.99

What's inside: Count down to Christmas with a train-shaped Advent calendar filled with daily surprises that create a colourful, playable Christmas tree farm and railway. It’s the chugga-chugga cheeriest way to add playtime fun to the season!
Includes 24 days of Christmas Tree Farm themed surprises:
10 Scout Elf™ and Elf Pets® Minis
1 mini plastic train engine
5 mini plastic train cars
Christmas Tree Farm sign
5 glittery Christmas trees
2 mini holiday gift boxesVerdict
A super fun alternative to a sweet filled calendar and so festive too. I think any little one would love to have this little train set to play with.


This Proper Goose personalised dog advent calendar melted my heart when they arrived. They sent Millie and Mylo their own versions. First I need to explain a bit about my two puppers. They would never steal never they know better and they just are dogs who steal. Until this arrived in the post. I have never seen them both so excited in my life. I hadn't even opened the box and they wanted it. Both took me to look at the box.

Price £23.80
What's inside:
Each day features a delicious bone biscuit which they will absolutely love! (Biscuits taste-tested and loved by Proper Goose's own little sausage, Nelly)

This lovely advent calendar is personalised with your dog's name and comes with silver elastic string and 24 dog bone biscuits, which you can easily tie onto the wood backing with the handy holes cut into the wood. Once you have filled the calendar you can reuse it every year by just leaving the elastic in place and adding new bone biscuits or mix it up and add toys too! Gravy Bone Biscuits from Munch & Crunch enriched with vitamins and minerals with no added artificial flavours

My dogs love love love this advent calendar and the gravy bones that came with it. I will share a photo of them with their calendar. They are so cute and reusable every year. I might just keep them as a snack for them. I would defo recommend these they are incredible and so well made. Just amazing.

My dogs love Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar for Dogs this year's calendar is super cute and has so many tasty treats for them to try.

Price £10

What's inside:
A selection of three delicious biscuits made with the finest ingredients. If you’re very quiet, in the early hours you can hear the little drummer dog’s drumroll (although perhaps not over all the biscuit crunching).
Cheese & Apple Training Treats
A troupe of mini organic bone-shaped biscuits, made with organic apples and farmhouse cheddar to help keep your dog's attention on wintry walks in the park.

Rise & Shines
Flower-shaped treats made with beef liver, fresh carrots, blackstrap molasses and alfalfa to help keep your dog's coat as shiny as a Christmas bauble.

Bedtime Biscuits
Blissful bedtime treats, made with honey, yoghurt, chamomile and passion flowers to help soothe your dog on those exciting nights before Christmas Day.

My dogs love Lily's kitchen biscuits and this was no different they loved them. To be honestly they begged for more every time. Your dog will thank you for this one.

I really hope this has given you lots of options for your own advent calendars this year. I love reviewing these for you. I have been a bit poorly so this is later than I hoped. I hope you enjoy it.

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