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Yvette sports bras full review.

It's summer and it's workout season up in here. Well, when is it workout season for me? I mean mountain biking is part of my job. I like to think that spending a lot of time in sports bras I am a good person to give a fair and honest review of them. There are not many sports like cycling; you would spend a whole day in a sports bra. You usually put it on and go to the gym and you have it off in a few hours. 

Well, that is not the case for me. I can spend all day in a sports bra and I need to be comfortable and secure. I have over the years had every type of sports bra. I have unlike most people a variety of sizes from a size 22 to now a size 6. So I understand the problems most women can have with bras and in particular sports bras. Thank god we have moved on from cone sports bras that were so unattractive and unflattering. You all know the ones. How did we actually wear them My word they were not comfortable. 

Today I am reviewing four bras from Yvette You might remember I have a couple of their other bra and leggings. I still love those leggings they are the best and I wear them almost daily. I have said it in my last post about Yvette but I will say it again. Yvette has one of the best sizing ranges in a fitness brand I have seen from an XS to 5XL Yes we have inclusivity. Honestly, you would not believe how hard it was for me to find a sports bra when I was bigger and I am here for a decent size range. 

A little about me I am a UK size 6 I have a size 28DD/E chest I am an hourglass shape-holding my weight in my boobs bum and hips and have a very small back. So as you can see I am a bit of an odd shape.

Limitless Adjustable Cross Back Padded Running BraLimitless Adjustable Cross Back Padded Running Bra
Limitless Adjustable Cross Back Padded Running BraLimitless Adjustable Cross Back Padded Running Bra
First up we have the Limitless Adjustable Cross Back Padded Running Bra in a size S This is one of Yvette's high-impact bras. It has non-removable cups Just yet. Removable cups are just so annoying. I would agree that this has good support and I could easily do high-impact workouts in this. I love the adjustable back straps. This really helps with the support. 

The Limitless Bra is made out of breathable and comfortable material with a hook and eye closing for a bit more adjustability and this also helps bras last longer. This fitted me really well and I was comfortable working out and having a break in this. I love the print it adds a super cute aspect to the bra. Love it will defo order more in different colour ways. 

Limitless Adjustable Racerback Padded Gym BraLimitless Adjustable Racerback Padded Gym Bra

Limitless Adjustable Racerback Padded Gym BraLimitless Adjustable Racerback Padded Gym Bra
Next, we have Limitless Adjustable Racerback Padded Gym Bra size S in Burgandy. 
Oh, this Limitless is a little bit sexy I am loving the shape of this one. Again this one is aimed at high-impact workouts. I think this one is really breathable because of the mesh fabric used throughout the design. I love when companies use fabrics that not only look good but help the product work too. This one has adjustable straps and hooks and eye back.

I am in love with this one. It is not only pretty but it is perfect for summer. It has nonremovable pads and a racer back which helps with a bit of extra support. It is also non-wired I don't like really like wired sports bras. No one needs to be halfway through a workout and be stabbed by a wire. 

I found this one really great it held up to a high-intensity workout and a spin on the downhill track which if you are not a biker is the place you get rattled about the most. Love it 

Sculpt Criss Cross Padded Gym BraSculpt Criss Cross Padded Gym BraSculpt Criss Cross Padded Gym Bra

Sculpt Criss Cross Padded Gym BraSculpt Criss Cross Padded Gym Bra
This is the Sculpt Criss Cross Padded Gym Bra Size 32DD Black print. Now I don't want to play favourites but since that is what you are here for I will. I am in love with this Scult Cris cross-padded bra. 

This is the only Yvette bra I have had in a cup and back size. I really am head over heels for this one. It might have to do with the design and the print. I have a dalmatian and when I saw this I was like get in the basket right now. This one is classed as medium support but I think it is actually capable of high impact well it worked for me anyway doing high impact and downhilling. 

Non-removable cups again. I think you ate seeing a pattern. I like non-removable cups ok. They just work and won't get in the way. This is I love the back on this it is so cute. It has hooks and an eye back. It is made from sweat-wicking material that keeps you cooler during high intensity. 

Just well designed and works and looks good what more do you want. Just yes!

Power Cross Back Padded Running BraPower Cross Back Padded Running BraPower Cross Back Padded Running Bra
Lastly, we have Power Cross Back Padded Running Bra size S in rose. I mean how summery is this bra? 

Love the back of this one I mean what is not to love about it. Yvette really does know how to make sports bras pretty and feminine whilst still packing a punch. 

Another high support option. It has a firmer control to combat the bounce. Us big tittie girls know what I mean. Secure those puppies so you can get the extra miles done. None removable cups. This one had added air holes to help with ventilation. It is made from sweat-wicking and stretchy material. with hook and eye back. 

I again love this one it is really good it holds me in and I also feel good in it. I know it is going to see me through to the last mile. 

I honestly am delighted to have found Yvette and I really do recommend you check them out. All the bras I have tried have been super flexible and easy to wear and helped me train harder whilst feeling good. They fit really well and are super affordable and lost-lasting. They have all washed really well too. This might seem a strange thing to say. But I have bought some expensive sports bras which have been wreaked after one wash. That is defo not something I want. I have also been swimming in a couple of the black ones and they are not see-through. Sometimes mid-ride you just need a quick dip to cool off. I am so hopeful that Yvette will release some swimwear. 

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