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How to choose Bed Frame?

Sometimes in life, there are certain things that we dont really think too much about. We will all put a lot of effort into our homes and the decor but some aspects we take less care over. We can spend hours debating the difference in paint colours. I mean don't even look at how many shades of white you can buy that alone seems endless. 

Our generation has a habit of buying the cheapest item and hoping it will last. I am not different I have don't this many times. I am currently writing on my very cheap desk. That has let's face it seen better days. But something I can no longer put off is buying a new guest bed frame. Our guest room has been in need of a makeover for quite a long time but I have been putting it off. My current bed frame has given up on me and I desperately need to invest in a new one. 

I started my search for a new bed frame but the normal route. I typed in to google how to choose a bed frame. I mean isn't that what we all do. I was shocked that there wasn't more information out there so today I thought I would share my finding with you so you don't have to do the research yourself. 

beautiful bedroom with stunning wooden frame

Let's skip to the good bit before I tell you how I choose my new bed frame for my guest bedroom. This is the Yaheetech Bed Frame that I have just purchased for my guest room. It is stylish I love the vintage feel of the headboard It is of wonderful quality and it ticks all my boxes to what I need and wants in a bed for the guest room. I will let you read the rest of the post to see why I have bought this amazing bed. 

Who is Yaheetech? 
They are an awesome online furniture store that sells through amazon. They sell everything from beds to pet supplies and outdoor furniture. They put an emphasis on quality products that look good and are stylish but are also cost-friendly. They deliver straight to your door too. 

So let's get into how I picked this bed frame. 

What is your budget? 

First and foremost you need to think about how much money you have to spend. I personally want to keep this one on the lower end. Now one really uses our spare room and I don't want to just waste money on a bed frame. But equally, I want it to look stylish and last. So budget can be a hand one to really put a price on. But this needs to be within your means. Let's face it this winter will be harder on us all. So keep in mind a realistic budget. 

What size do you need? 

This one is really important. You need to really decide what you want. The size of your room and the space you have. There is nothing worse than ordering a new bed frame getting it starting to put it up and realising you do not have room for it in the bedroom. I recommend measuring the space you want to put the bed in. You might want a king-sized bed but in reality, you can only fit in a queen. When you are doing your measuring you need to think about your bedside tables and whether they will fit next to your new bedframe. 

wooden bed frame

Bed frame height

This one is something I never really thought about until I was staying in a nice hotel and the bed was so high I felt like I was going to fall out. I hated it. I am not a fan of a really high bed. I am definitely more of an at-the-knee bed frame person. But some people really like a high bed. I know my In-laws have a really high bed and they love it. It is just not for me and this is my personal preference. 

A good way to think about the height is to sit on a chair you are comfortable sitting on and measure from the seat to the ground. This will give you your perfect bed frame height. 

Also, take into consideration what the bed frame is for. A child, A adult or someone elderly. They will all require a different height. It is just something to think about. 

How the bed assembles.

You might be thinking what? Well, I have one good authority, not all bed frames are easy to build. picture this my husband is away and I think I can build a bed how hard can it be. Now picture me, sitting surrounded by boxes 3 hours later having not even made a start. If you struggle with assembling things it is always worth reading reviews to make sure that the bed frame is easy to put together. I might as well have not even started trying to do that frame on my own. I just make it more complicated by unpacking things. 

The style

Let's not pretend that you are going to pick the cheapest bed frame available. I mean your personal style will come into the choice. It is important you really like the bed. I mean you are going to be looking at it for years. The one in our spare bedroom was bought out of necessity and it was awful. I should have replaced it years ago if I am honest. It made the room look awful and not my style at all. The style of the bed frame in any room determines the look of the room and it can be a hard choice. I always recommend going classic and timeless.

As you can see my new bed frame ticks all the boxes and more I hope this has helped you choose your next bed. 

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