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20 Ways to Organize a Small Bedroom

Organizing a small bedroom requires thoughtful planning and creative solutions. With strategic furniture arrangement and storage systems, you can maximize space and create a clean and functional space. Prioritize your personal preferences with smart organizational systems to make the most of your small bedroom.

In this article, you’ll learn 20 of the best ways to keep a small bedroom tidy and organized.

How to Organize a Small Bedroom
Choose the Best Layout

Your small bedroom’s organization depends greatly on the layout design you choose. You want to choose a layout that flows well, allows for movement, and utilizes your bedroom’s space to the best of its ability. A well-planned layout can not only improve the traffic flow but also create a more spacious and clean environment.

Arrange Furniture Properly

Small bedroom organization is reliant on proper furniture arrangement that will optimize space and make the room more visually appealing. Before settling on your bedroom furniture arrangement, make sure your furniture is situated in a way that allows for you to maintain organization throughout your room.


To organize a small bedroom, it is necessary to declutter to free up space and give everything a place to belong. Take a good look at what you own and decide whether each item benefits you and your lifestyle or not.

If you are already living a more minimalist lifestyle with less stuff, decluttering doesn’t have to mean getting rid of belongings. It can mean finding better ways to keep your belongings organized. Think jewelry boxes and organizers, shoe racks, and stashing away out-of-season clothing. 

Opt for Dual-Purpose Furniture

Dual-purpose furniture serves multiple functions in a bedroom with a small space and is an invaluable part of compact bedroom organization. These pieces will help reduce clutter and make tidying more efficient.

Choose a bed with storage drawers underneath or one that has enough clearance for you to hide away boxes or bins of items you don’t use regularly. Or add an ottoman or chest that doubles as a storage container and keep blankets or extra pillows in there. 

Select Smart Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions will help keep your belongings neatly organized and easily accessible. But before you go out and buy storage devices for your bedroom, make sure they’re practical and beneficial for your needs and space. Utilizing multifunctional furniture such as under-bed storage space can optimize storage capacity while saving space, and if you have a lot of shoes, a shoe rack that attaches to the back of your closet door may be a great solution for decluttering.

Utilize Vertical Space

Don’t limit your organizational space to the horizontal floor space around your bedroom. Choose storage containers and devices that work to maximize vertical space in your room and free up more floor space for easier movement. Wall-mounted shelving, hanging organizers, and loft beds will efficiently utilize often underused vertical space and give you more room to work with, making it easier to keep your space clean and organized. 

15 Simple Small Bedroom Organization Ideas
1.) Loft Beds For Storage


A loft bed is a great way to use the vertical space of your bedroom with an elevated sleeping area. The freed-up floor space underneath works well for desks in bedroom office combos, as well as providing additional seating or storage space. Loft beds are both practical and functional while keeping the layout compact and minimizing clutter.

2.) Incorporate Floating Shelves


Floating shelves utilize both the horizontal and vertical spaces of your bedroom. You can find floating shelves that are both deep and narrow to diversify your organizational efforts. Use the shelving space to store knick-knacks, books, photos, etc. 

3.) Use Labeled Baskets or Plastic Bins


Whether you want to better organize highly used items or need somewhere to store items you may not use regularly, it can be helpful to store them in labeled baskets or plastic bins. Incorporate baskets or plastic bins with labels on them for small items that you don’t want out all the time. You can also use labeled bins to store out-of-season clothing and stack them in your closet or under the bed to keep them out of sight until needed. 

4.) Opt For a Murphy Bed


A Murphy bed is a sophisticated furniture piece that allows you to incorporate more organizational space into your bedroom without having to have multiple pieces of furniture. These beds are great for guest bedrooms and often have high headboards with side-attached shelving and cabinets for you to utilize as a dresser, closet, and bedside table. 

5.) Use Wall Hooks


Wall hooks are an excellent way to store items in a neat way that keeps them organized. Unlike coat racks or other units, the hooks are standalone pieces that stick close to the wall and don't take up any floor space. Not only are wall hooks functional storage pieces for items like jewelry, coats, and bags, but they also allow more room for other pieces of furniture. 

6.) Utilize a Rolling Cart


A rolling cart allows you to store items on a mobile piece of furniture, and you can move them around as you need. Having a rolling cart can be helpful if you have specific items you use regularly, such as beauty supplies or arts and crafts, and use them in a separate room periodically. Even if you don’t need to move the items you store on a rolling cart around, it can be a great way to display decor in a creative way to add personality to your small bedroom space. 

7.) Behind The Door Hanging Organizers


Utilize the space behind your bedroom and closet doors with over the door organizers. They are convenient organizers that offer a practical solution for storing shoes, accessories, and other items while keeping them readily accessible.

8.) Make Use of Space Saving Hangers


Space-saving hangers function a bit differently than traditional hangers. These hangers are tiered, allowing you to store multiple shirts, plants, or items of clothing in a layered way that takes up less width than storing clothes traditionally. This can be great for hanging clothes that need to be kept together, such as a matching jacket and pants, and also works to free up closet space in your closet if you have more clothes than you know what to do with. 

9.) Install Drawer Dividers


Adding drawer dividers helps keep your items organized and separated. Say you have larger items on one side and smaller items on the other, you don’t want to mix them together, otherwise, this creates a mess in your drawer. They can also help keep items of clothing folded and wrinkle-free. 

10.) Choose a Multipurpose Headboard


Your headboard doesn’t have to be just for show. Find a headboard that includes usable shelf space so you can keep books, reading glasses, and magazines out of the way and organized when you’re not using them. 

11.) Use Under Bed Drawers


Some beds come with built-in storage drawers, while others have a high enough clearance space underneath to store drawers. Using under-bed drawers offers additional storage space for items you don't need readily available. They are great for storing extra bedding or pillows and keep things neatly tucked away and out of sight.

12.) Storage Baskets


Baskets can be used to keep blankets, toys, and other items in a stylish way when they’re not in use. You can choose between wooden, wicker, metal, or mesh baskets to compliment the space you’re working with. They fit snugly into corners or next to your bedside. 

13.) Closet Organizers


A closet organizer is a type of storage unit that adds more space and organizational tools to keep your clothes and personal belongings stored neatly. These organizers come in all shapes and sizes, you can find them specifically for clothing items, shoes, documents, and games. 

14.) Install a Shelf Above the Door


There’s so much vertical wall space that often goes overlooked. One place that is great for storage is above your bedroom or closet door! Add a shelf above the door to keep some of your favorite items, leaving more space on the lower walls for other purposes. 

15.) Use Corner Shelving


Corner shelving makes use of precious organizational space in small bedrooms. They are great for accessing areas that are more difficult to display items, elevating the overall look of your room and allowing you to keep more items organized than simply only using the traditional areas of your wall spaces.

Tips for Maintaining Small Bedroom Organization
  • Clean Regularly - Dedicate daily minutes to tidiness.

  • Be Minimal - Keep essentials for less clutter.

  • Buy Small Furniture - Opt for compact pieces to save space.

  • Have a Cleaning Day - Assign a weekly day for deep cleaning.

In Conclusion

If you’ve been wondering how to organize a small bedroom, you have many actionable steps you can take after reading through the ideas in the article above. Start by figuring out the layout of your room with your current furniture, and then fill in any free space with a few of these recommended organizational tips. 

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