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How to keep your home organised.

Well, its that time of year. You have done your Christmas shopping. Your Christmas and new year food is on order and your to-do list is slowly getting shorter. But there is one big problem. You have people coming to visit and your house is how would you put it? disorganised chaos. This is putting the fear into you. I mean all this stuff is yours you need it right? But you also want to play the perfect host right? You want your home to look a bit more show home and a bit less whirlwind Right? It's ok I got you. You and me both.

I received this infographic from Rapid Racking On How to organise your home and this spurred this post. I am a bit of an outdoor girl, Ok I am a lot of an outdoor girl I have 4 bikes and endless workout equipment. My three-bedroom home is cram-packed with stuff. If it is not fitness gear, it's work stuff and all the normal items everyone has. Like everyone, I have acquired skills at hiding and clever storage of items. Especially, during the holiday when we have family staying. 

Here are my favourite ways to tidy.

First when you are buying furniture. Buy furniture which doubles as clever storage. I have ottomans all the beds and even coffee tables, which are actually clever storage. When you are buying new items for your home you need to start to think practically. First, of course, you have to really love the item but second, you need it to work. For me, integrated storage items were sent from heaven to hide all my clutter. My husband even built me a seat for the hall which doubles as a lot of storage. I can put everything in there from my never-ending shoe collection to my jackets and biking helmets. Basically, always think storage. Unless of course, you are living a minimalist life. 

If like me you do not have a shed or garage and you have bikes invest in bike hooks for the walls. This will get your bikes out of the way and look tidy. It will also stop any unwanted knocks or accidental scratches. Let's face it you have spent a fortune on your bikes look after them and keep them safe. 

Check out the huge range of hack and tips for more ways to tidy and organise your home before the festive season. 

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