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The best party dresses under £16

This is it it is not a drill this is the festive season. The Christmas light are all lit and the trees are dressed to the nines in tinsel and sparkle. This can only mean one thing. You have 100 Christmas and new years parties to go to and you need outfits for them, all right? The only thing is money is tight at this time of year. What are you going to do? You need to look fabulous and feel amazing but you dont have the fortune to spend. That is where this helpful haul will come in to help you find the perfect party dress for less than £16.

 I love to get all dressed up and hit the town and I actually love the getting ready part the most. Am I the only one? Picking the dress, accessories, the makeup and hair look is just so fun. Don't get me wrong hitting the dance floor with your friends is fun too. Anyways let me help you find your Christmas Party Dresses sorted. 

Today's haul is from my go-to online fashion store Femme Luxe Finery, I love this store. It is high fashion items at a fraction of the cost. 

As always I am a size 8/10 I am an hourglass, I hold my weight on my boobs and bum. In these photos, I am not wearing a bra as I wanted you to see that these dresses will be fine with a bit of tit taping. I will tell you what size I have ordered so you can gauge the sizing. 

This is Grey Glitter Cross Back Bodycon Mini Dress Size 8. 
OH, MY WORD this dress is stunning. I mean it is glittery heaven. It sits so nicely on my frame. 
This is a show stopper of a dress. I will be wearing this on my girls night for sure.  I know I have put in lots of photo's but I needed you to see this from a lot of angles. One of the features I really love and thank you femme for this detail. The back lacing can be adjusted to fit any back. I have a stupidly small back. I am a 28 back. So this little detail is so helpful for me. I can adjust it to fit my small back it has lots of extra too. So it can fit anyone. This dress is super stretchy and with the adjustability it can, I would size down if you are in doubt.  I would team this with a bouncy brow dry and killer heels and makeup and you are a ready girl. 

This is the Nude Sparkly Corset Mini Dress - Grace size 8.  £15.99 Again another stunner. I am in love with this one too. I think this one is just the perfect champagne colour. This one has a bit of boning on the wasite to help bring you in.  It is also a stretchy fit. It also has a nice little added touch of a silicon lining around the cup to help it stay in place. I think this teamed with killer silver heels and bag is a stunning look. I would again go for a hear down look with a nice smokey eye and lashes. When the light hit this dress the sparkle is unreal. I have tried to show that in the photos. I love this dress. 

This is Silver Sparkly Bodycon Plunge Mini Glitter Dress - Riri Size 10. £15.99
Again this one is incredible. I could have gone for a size 8 here but I like the fit. This one is more structured and not so stretchy. I just love this dress. It has a band around the waist which pulls you in. This is the dress for any Christmas parties with a meal involved as it keeps you in place. I love that the straps are adjustable giving you the option of how high you want the dress on your chest. This one has a bit more hold in the boob area so less tit tape would be needed. This one would be my hair up and more classic makes up look. This dress does the talking by its self. I would be tempted to go nude or clear with the shoe. 

This is the Wine Velvet Bodycon Chain Strap Mini Dress - Molly size 10 £13.99.
It is even Christmas if you dont have a red velvet dress? This again I could have sized down in. This is amazing in person. The photos do not do this dress justice. It is so easy and comfortable to wear. With the material, it is super forgiving and hides any lumps and bumps on me. The wine colour is so on-trend and now. I feel like everyone needs this dress. I love the chain strap detail. I mean it is such a nice touch. I love that it is a bit on the simplistic side. It is a show stopper but a bit more subtle. I would add gold heels and bag with an updo to finish this off. My make up would have a glittering twist. 

I hope this post has helped you choose the right Christmas dress for your parties this year. 

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  1. I am absolutely surprised how top-notch offerings they offer at very less expensive expenses!