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Storage Tips for Beauty Lovers

Beauty products don’t come cheap, especially if you like high-end brand names with more luxurious ingredients. But even if your tastes run more along budget lines, a basic nail polish will set you back a fair few quid.

Looking after older purchases makes sense. Just because you fancy a change of colour or want to try a new moisturiser or skin conditioner doesn’t mean you’ll never want to go back to your previous favourites.

Trouble is, collections can grow massive and completely take over the dressing table and bathroom. So here are some storage tips for beauty lovers, so you can enjoy your collection no matter how extensive it grows.

Keep Makeup in Good Condition for Longer
You can keep some products in the fridge to extend their shelf life. Even nail polish, for instance, which stays thin for longer rather than going thick and gloopy over time. Other products that benefit from the coolness include eye creams and gels. Cool eye gel is also much more refreshing, and the coolness helps to constrict blood vessels so puffiness or swelling reduces faster.

Keep your perfume out of sunlight. You can also put this in the fridge, but just popping it in a drawer or into a shady part of the room will help the fragrance stay fresh for longer.

Use makeup products properly. One mistake we all tend to make is with mascara. You don’t need to pump the wand up and down in the container, so if this is your habit, try just gently pulling the brush out and using it straight away.

Accessory Storage
All the brushes, sponges and applicators need proper storage too. Brushes should be stored with their bristles in the air so they don’t get bent out of shape, and there are all sorts of ways to do this.

  • Fill an empty jar with beads or marbles to hold brushes upright. Coffee beans work too and smell delicious.
  • Take advantage of a coffee cafetiere for brush or pencil storage. When the brushes are lowered into the body of the cafetiere they’re safely sealed against dust.
  • Use magazine racks to keep hair tools organised.
  • Put a cutlery divider into a drawer and use this to separate pencils or brushes and tubes of makeup.
  • Arrange and display nail polishes on a cake stand.
  • Use a pretty spice rack to show off a perfume collection. Perfume bottles are often beautiful and worth displaying.

Storage for Serious Beauty Collectors
Check the label for the tub and lid symbol indicating how many months the product will last after opening. With proper care they might last longer, so tighten all the tops, pack half-used products into sealable containers, and pop a label on the boxes.

Self storage lockers are the little brothers of self storage rooms and are perfect for smaller collections of items. As long as you prepare beauty products for longer-term storage, you’d be surprised what good condition they stay in.

Packing up what you’re not using also creates room for new collections. And when you go and fetch beauty things out of self storage in the future, they seem like new again, making it fun to experiment and rediscover old favourites.

Just be sure to check creams and lotions for consistency. If they still smell good and creams haven’t separated, they should be good to go. They’ll certainly stay usable for longer than if you left them on show at home.

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