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The best dog bed ever

Fa La La La... It's Christmas. You all know I consider my dogs as my family and I love and spoil them rotten this time of year. Who am I kidding I will do that any time of the year. The Christmas elves have arrived early with one of the dogs Christmas presents. I am so excited. 

The lovely people over at Silentnight have sent my pups one of their amazing pet beds. I mean the way to my heart is through my dog so thank you Silentnight. I was allowed to help the Christmas elves over at Silentnight by choosing which bed would suit my two dogs. 

Let me intro the dogs. 

Millie, Is a soon to be 8-year-old springador. She is a pampered princess. Yes, she loves her comfort. But don't be fool by the cute face she loves nothing more than jumping headfirst into the smelliest muddiest bog and splashing about. She suffers mild hip dysplasia. 

Mylo, Is a 5-year-old dalmatian. He has no idea how big be is. He idolises his sister. He comes mountain biking with us and will not think twice about running 10 miles or more in one ride. He is the biggest baby, he loves a cuddle and being cosy. 

Now that you have met the testers its time to meet the bed. 

The bed we received is  Silentnight Orthopedic Pet Bed in large (L- H19, W95, D69cm approx.). This is made with comfort in mind. It is perfect for any ages of dog but especially for the older dog due to its orthopaedic nature. It has contour foam layers which help to distribute your dog's weight to reduce pressure points and soothe any aches and pains. This giving your dog a better nights sleep. 

It is covered in durable fabric to help withstand wear and tear. I don't know about you but our dog beds get put through a lot. The fabric is also designed to stop any scratches or stains. The inside is super cosy and comfy. Come on who doesn't try out their dog's bed. I love the dropped front giving the dogs easy access. My dogs love an edge on a bed to rest there head-on so this is a huge winner on this bed. Remember I told you about Millie's love of mud and bogs well not to worry the bed's covers can be popped in the washing machine. The base is also nonslip so if you have wooden floors this is awesome. 

First, apparently, you need to smell the bed. It passed the smell test from both dogs. 

Next, you must jump in before your brother so you get the first test. 
Millies like the bed. It is comfy and cosy in her opinion. 
A quick nap to make sure it is up to scratch. This gives you an idea of size millie is a medium dog. She is the same size as a springer spaniel. 
Mylo would only pose sitting in the bed. Which he liked. 
But then I went to make coffee and found this when I got back. I think this is Mylo's seal of approval. In fact, when I look over he is still laying in it. 

This bed is gorgeous. The whole make up is amazing. It looks super stylish and most importantly the dogs love it. I actually haven't tried Silentnights beds but seeing the quaility in the dog beds has made me what to look into them further for myself. If you are looking for a quality dog bed you need to check out this one.

The only problem I have found is I am wondering how I move the sleeping dalmatian. So I can move the dog bed before our visitors arrive for Christmas. 

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