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Recipe paprika and crisps

Today I have a recipe post for you. I love to experiment with cooking and like to try and have a go at making convenience foods at home. I do try to eat a balanced diet leaning to the healthy side but there has to be cheat days right? Everyone needs a cheat day. I have a confession I love crisps. I do I hold my hands up. I love them and I am not ashamed. I love condiments and this might be a new way to try to avoid them. 

When the lovely people at Schwartz reached out and asked me to use one of their products in a review post. I jumped at the chance. I use Schwarts products so often when I cook so this was a no brainer. 
The product is Schwartz Perfect Shake Chips Seasoning in Paprika & onion flavour. I kinda knew I would love this seasoning but you know you have to stay objective right? 
Here is my recipe to make delicious Paprika and onion crisps.   

First, you need 

Oil I used sunflower oil
Schwartz Perfect Shake Chips Seasoning Available at Tesco. 
Big pan
Bowl or pan
Kitchen roll.
Vegetable Slicer. 
Clean and dry you potatoes. I like to leave the skin on. This is, of course, personal preference. 
I used the vegetable slicer to make thin slices of potatoes. I carefully separated the slices.  
Next, you need to put the potatoes in a pan or bowl of cold water to rest for 30 mins. 
Next, drain and dry the potatoes. 

You need to put about a litre of oil in a pan and bring to the boil. Be careful this will be very hot and may spit oil. You need to really be careful when dealing with hot oil. 
Once your oil is bubbling, it is time to place about a handful of potatoes slices in the boiling oil. Fry until golden. 

Lay some kitchen roll out on a clean surface. Carefully remove the crisps from the boiling oil and place on the kitchen roll. separate the crips out and let them dry. 

Now you repeat this process until you have the required amount of crisp. 
This is what you should have.
Now the fun part gets to sprinkling the Schwarts Perfect Shake Crisps seasoning on to your crisps and get to munching. This tastes like heaven. So good. I love the seasoning. I will be making more recipes with this. I am thinking chicken or pork. 
If you want to try a different way of making crisps you can follow these steps to the oil section. Instead of placing in oil you can place the sliced potatoes on a microwave-proof dish and place in the microwave. A bit healthier for sure. This takes about 5-8 minutes in the microwave to cook. They will look a little different. 
This is a side by side of the fried crisps and the microwaved ones. The microwave ones are at the front and the lighter of the two photographed. 

I hope you enjoyed this little recipe and let me know on social media if you try them.

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