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2020 Holiday Inspo Without a Destination in Mind

There’s always that little moment on Christmas Day after everyone has had dinner and the family has now resigned itself to the sofa for the evening. You’ll be nonchalantly watching the TV while possibly sipping on some Prosecco and weighing up whether you should upon that tin of Celebrations that are staring at you from across the room.

Everything is going swimmingly during Corrie until there’s an ad on TV that pulls you right out of that Christmas feeling. You know it when you see it. It’s the ad highlighting summer holidays for next year already. The turkey hasn’t even digested yet, and you’re met with shots of people making a splash in the pool.
That’s right. It’s holiday season. Before the fitness DVDs and the like even hit the shelves for New Year’s, the big holiday train has just arrived at the station, and it’s looking for you to get on board with an early ticket.

Now it takes me forever and a day to think about what I want for dinner, so I’m sure you’re someone who can’t just say “right, we’re going to Spain on the second week in July folks” and that’s it booked.

If you’re keen to get yourself in the holiday mood for 2020 already and are looking for some tips to get a good deal, here are some ways to get inspired without having a destination in mind.

Get airlines to email you
Your timeline is precious and cluttering it with airlines who mostly post poor man’s Instagram posts is not fun to look at. So take them off your socials and have airlines in your inbox. It’s the easiest to learn about new airline routes and find out that your nearest airport might fly somewhere you’d never have known about.

Look specifically on company sites

You might have the Skyscanner app on your phone or have Booking.com as one of your bookmarks, but do you have specific travel companies you know to visit?

There are travel companies out there with holiday deals hiding in plain sight. For example, I never knew that Mark Warner holidays had their own resorts in Corsica and Greece with watersports, mountain biking and all sorts. There are all these kinds of companies out there with specialised holidays and private resorts, which is a nice welcome from some of the travel fiascos (not naming names) many UK families had in 2019.

Go seek them out and keep an eye for when they announce deals for destinations that will make you go “yeah we’ll give that a go”.

Do you know about Jack?

Very similar to having airlines email you, there is a very kind soul out there who lets everyone not so secretly know when big airlines cut fares. If you haven’t already, sign up for Jack’s Flight Club. The guy running it doesn’t have a big comparison website or anything. He simply uses Google Flights and the like to keep tabs on long-haul prices, and then emails out dates and prices.

You’re looking at hundreds of flights to the USA, Australia, Asia and pretty much anywhere. Now, most of the deals involve a big layover, but when you’re planning far into the future, the simple email will give you so much inspiration it’s ridiculous. Want some more travel inspiration?

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