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modern day mobile phone network frustrations.

Today, I am talking about annoying things. Well, not things one thing. So I live rurally. Just to clarify this I live on the mainland. Yes, shockingly the Highlands of Scotland is mainland UK. That is another post in its self. Living up here has so many pros and so many cons. For instance, you lovely people who can get deliveries the same day or next day blows my mind. Being less than an hour drive to the nearest supermarket must be nice too. But on my side, I am surrounded by stunning scenery and a pretty nonexistent crime rate so you win some and you lose some right. 

Anyways today's problem or should I say discussion starts with I do not have the luxury of the choice of many phone networks. This is probably something you don't even think about right? You go with the cheapest or best deal. I have the choice of a couple. So my options are limited. 

This in part leads to a lot of issues. We are plagued with issues up here. Just last week a fibre optic cable was cut and down went all the broadband services. Then a few days later a phone mast had storm damage and the phones went down. Yes, the joys of rural life. Unlike in more populated areas, it is harder to get an engineer to our area leading to long long waiting times. What do you do when this type of thing happens? You call you're to network right to get some help and guidance. 

I was actually reading on Callcare about phone vs twitter mobile network response times. Their findings are very interesting. So I actually put this to the test myself last week. My broadband is with a big "fone" brand. Ahem, Vodafone. 

So my broadband went down. I went through the seven stages of grief as a self-employed work from home blogger. 

1. Shock and denial- Oh my gosh what has happened. It will be back in a couple minutes, it's fine. 

2. Pain and guilt - Why did I go to the gym? I should have worked this morning. 

3. Angry and bargaining- WHY ME I HAVE DEADLINE!. If you come back on I will be so nice to you. I will change my desktop to fluffy puppies and love you forever. I promise. 

4. Depression reflection- Why oh god why. It was because I went to the gym when I had a deadline. 

5. The upwards turn- on the upside I can have a lunch break now. Oh or go get coffee? Or cake. 

6. Working thought- I guess I can type up the post I mean I don't need the internet to type.

7. Acceptance and hope. That's it I don't need you Vodaphone. I will find a new provider who will treat me right. 

Luckily, I am on a completely different network on my phone and get a very faint internet signal in my house. I did two things First I contacted Vodaphone via phone and then whilst I was waiting via twitter. I got through on the phone after about 20 minutes but on twitter, it took over 24hours. They explained on the phone about the fiberoptic cable and that they were working hard to fix it etc.  Our broadband was down for 24hours in the end. Yes, I felt like my head had been cut off. 

I know I thought I would have been answered so much faster on Twitter. I think we live in a social media world and I am a social media girl. Sorry, try to not sing that in the tune of a material girl. I couldn't resist. But it is so true. We are definitely more dependant on social media than the old fashioned using the phone to call people and business for help.  

We rely on our phones so much in theses modern time and we are definitely a NOW type of people we want things done right now. 

I have popped Callcares infographic below. For you to enjoy. 
Bar Charts Showing Phone and Social Response Times of Mobile Phone Networks

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