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How to make your interior look expensive

Despite the common misconception, you don’t need to break the bank to make your home look more prosperous. Although we won’t lie and tell you that spending money isn’t going to help, because of course it will! But there’s ways of freshening up your interior that won’t make you cringe at price tags and expensive furniture. Here’s a few easy tips to make your home look finer for less.

Freshen up

It goes without saying that a coat of paint works wonders in any room, an inexpensive and instant way of livening up your interior. Although many of us opt for light colours for our walls to keep our space light and airy, a darker wall can actually give off a rich feel. Be careful though, if you do go for wealthier tones then contrast them with lighter furniture and walls to keep the balance right. As well, if you’re lucky enough to have solid or engineered oak floors, perhaps consider sanding them down and refinishing them – it’ll look like you have brand new floors!

Change the lights!
Although you’re probably thinking “I already do this!” you’d be surprised by how long many of us let those dingy old bulbs hang around for. Replacing those tired bulbs with brighter, slightly more upmarket ones will make your home feel like a totally different place. New light fixtures work well too, chandeliers of course create an affluent look, there’s also plenty of stylish lamps available.

Show off with flowers
Having vases of flowers can really make it look like you’ve got things together. A fresh bouquet will instantly spruce up your home and will suit any room, from the kitchen table to the hallway dresser. Once more you’re not stuck with the same type, in a week or so they’ll need replacing so it’s a good opportunity to mix things up.

Replace tired blinds with grand curtains
All well-to-do interior nearly always exhibits striking, grand curtains. If you have full length windows, then curtains that stretch from the ceiling to the floor will really give you that affluent appeal. If you’re a creative wizard, then why not make your own for an even cheaper fix? The higher the curtain, the higher your ceilings will appear, and luxurious homes generally have high ceilings.

Mirror mirror…
Every grand house has an abundance of classical mirrors. A good rule to follow is to put them across from the room’s entrance to give the illusion of more space.

Mirrors can also be used in other areas of the home to make it look more expensive. Bathroom mirrors for example can make your home feel larger and more relaxing.

Increase texture
A popular, fun way of adding luxury to your home without spending too much. Large velvet or silk cushions, soft rugs and throws. Play with colours such as red, burgundy, royal blue and emerald green for a deluxe feel. Even designer furniture brands like Lirash will often incorporate texture to their products, as texture can also refer to a flat and minimalistic console table, for instance.

Go for paintings
It’s no secret that grand paintings always make for an expensive and stylish interior. You don’t need to spend loads either, with a lot of second-hand paintings being relatively affordable. Even if your painting isn’t quite what you’re looking for, perhaps consider getting plush frames to top off your interior.

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