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How to clean up dog sick.

You may have noticed I have been absent, the last few days. I am recovering from a horrible chest infection. This really took a toll on me. I have asthma so anything like this can knock me for six. I am slowly getting better. When I am ill I go on cleaning overdrive. I want everything to be germ-free as I am scared someone else will catch my illness. This post was going to be How I keep my house clean but then last night happen and I thought this would make a better post. 

In the middle of the night, my dog Mylo woke me up. He was very sick. Yip projectile vomiting sick. Mylo is a dalmatian. He is known to have a sensitive stomach. Poor Mylo was sick about ten times throughout the night. All over the house, His bed, my bed, the carpet, the kitchen floor, you name it, it got hit. It wasn't until I was at a friends house that I realised not everyone knows how to clean up vomit the easy way. So I thought I would share with you. 

Mylo and my other dog Millie have had their fair share of vomiting illnesses. But when Mylo is ill you know about it as he is a big boy. Don't worry Mylo is being looked after and I have my eye on him and any changes in behaviour and I will call the vet. My husband says I am a panicker when it comes to the dogs but I just love them so much. I have also cleaned Mylo pup up. 

How to deal with dog vomit. 
1. Of course, make sure the dog is ok. You know your dog better than anyone else. Look out for new behaviours and check his gum colours. If in doubt contact the vet. I recommend washing everything they have been in contact with. From there dog bowls to there bedding. Make sure fresh water is available but no food of any kind.

Method one
2. Get a dog poo bag. Use this to scoop up any big items. Get as much as you can in the bag. 

3. Grab kitchen roll, clean water in a big bowl and your cleaner. I personally like environmentally friendly cleaners. I like to be environmentally conscious where I can. There is a huge range of these available so there is no excuse to not give them a try. 

4. You need to soak up the liquid. Here is where people make the most common mistake. Do not put any cleaner on the liquid at this stage. Use your kitchen roll and soak up as much as you can. 

5. Your carpet/material should be pretty dry now. 

6. Get your cleaner out. You can use any cleaner that is safe for the material you are about to clean. If you are out of cleaner. I like to make up my own. There are some handy recipes below. Another option is to use a carpet cleaner. I use an empty spray bottle and put a solution of about 1/12th of carpet cleaner to water and use that. 

7. Scrub your carpet etc. 

8. Rinse with clean water 

9. Again remove excess water with kitchen roll and allow to dry. 

This will make sure your carpet is clean and there is no lingering smell or bacteria. 

Method Two. 
I learned this working in the theatre. 
1. Grab some cat litter if you have it and apply to the vomit. This will soak up the liquid. wait till it has absorbed. If you have a cat or kitten this will be in your home anyways. 

2. Use a bag and scoop up the litter. you can use a hoover to do this also. 

3. Use the above method from 6 down. 

I hope this has helped you to keep your home vomit free. For cleaning a dog bed I love the opulent hound guide to how to clean a dog bed

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