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Tips For Styling A Guest Room

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I get asked a lot how I style my guest bedrooms. Which I use for an office and a guest room when needed. I want to share with you how I make the most of a multi-use room.

First things first. It's not the biggest room in the world. So making use of the limited space is paramount. What I like to do, Is start with the biggest piece of furniture, I need to have in the room and work around that. I need a good Futon, I have chosen one from Futons Online as it doubles as a nice seating area. Meaning when the room is being used as an office it still looks put together. A good futon is worth its weight in gold. I want something that's stylish and comfortable to sleep on.

Multifunctional Compact futon guest room

From there I go with the principle of one big item of furniture per wall.
I like clean lines and no clutter. I don't think there need to be extras in the room. It needs to be functional and airy.

 In my guest room, I have the futon with side tables.  A desk with chair, The desk has built-in drawers to keep clutter at bay. The desk chair doubles as a feature when the room is being used for guests.
A chest of drawers which has a big mirror on top. That is all the furniture I have in the room. As I say minimal is key to keeping a guest room looking impeccable at all time.

The walls
A feature wall. I really like a feature wall in a guest bedroom. I think it gives the room a focal point and if you pick the right style it makes the room look bigger than it actually is. I then recommend painting all the other walls a plain colour to coordinate with the feature wall. With a feature wall, the rest of the room doesn't need to be over the top. 

Mirrors are essential to making a room look bigger and giving the room better flow. I always put a mirror opposite the window as this allows the outside to come inside and no matter where you are in the room you can see the outside. This adds the perfect illusion of space and harmony. 

I like long and white drapes I think this works to make the room feel more ethereal. There is something classic and romantic about nice clean with white drapes. They are just the right amount of modern with a classic twist. Effortless style. 
Bedding on huge bed in guest room
Hotel chic
I think the key to a nice guest room is a well put together bed. You know when you go to a nice hotel and the bed is made up to look divine. I like It to look inviting and hotel like. I love nice white bed sheets add a bed runner this is a perfect accompaniment make your guest room hotel chic. I also love a scatter pillow.  Scatter pillows are the best way to add in colours from your feature wall whilst keeping your deco on point. 
Multifunctional Modular Designs of bedroom
If you like me your guest room is small. I love to play around with different textures wheater this is a nice fluffy rug or a seasonal arrangement. I think it really gives the room depth. You can do this in lots of ways for seasonal arrangements, I like to use nice bright items in the summer. I fill a vase with lemons and limes. Who said this is for the kitchen. In winter I like a nice pinecone arrangement. I always get compliments on it. Not only does it add a nice aesthetic but it also added a nice smell. Just remembers to change the arrangement if you use fresh items like fruit or flowers.

I hope you have found these tips useful.
If you have any you would like to share let me know.