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5 ways to take a kick ass instagram photo

I have been thinking a lot about how I smash Instagram. We live in a very visual world, don't we? Instagram is the place to be at the moment. Whether you're a blogger or not. We all lust after a viral Instagram post. I get asked a lot how I do mine. I thought I would share with you my top five ways to get the killer Instagram photo. 

gorgeous bedroom with wall mural of pink flowers in background

1. Use what you have. What can you do in your home that could help you not only jazz up your spare room but could also help your social media count? What about adding an awesome flora wall mural to your home.  These work fantastic for backgrounds for anything from an outfit post to a workout vid. They will also add consistency to your photo. 

2. Lighting, its all about lighting. There is only so much a filter can do. You need to invest in some good lights. I have a small lighting box for flat lays and two big lights with soft filters. This doesn't have to be super expensive. In fact, mine were cheap ones from Amazon. 

3. Get Outside. Why not go to the beach or the forest for some shots? Nature is an awesome provider of the content. why not Do do a flat lay in the grass? Or an outfit post in the moody rain storm. Use your imaginations. 

4. Think about what you are doing? What are you trying to say with your post? remember what you post is a reflection of you. Be real. No one lives picture, perfect lives. I know I prefer to follow people who are true to themselves. Your photo doesn't have to be perfect. If there is an awesome shot with a bit of a blur. who cares! This makes you more relatable. 

5. Be original, There is nothing worse than seeing a photo which you have seen thousands of people recreate.  I am way more likely to like something new than something cliche. You are you so show your personality and style. If that is clean lines and edges do that. If it messy and adventurous that's cool too. Your content is yours and you need to stand out, not follow the crowd. be unique and consistent and the links will flood in.  

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