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The best personalised gift ever

Hi everyone, 

How are you? 

I have something, I am super excited to share with you today. I am always on the hunt for the best gifts for the people in my life. I love finding unique gifts for a birthday, christenings or weddings. I really enjoy looking for gifts am I the only one. I really like to find things that other people would never think of getting and then sharing them with you. 

I am obsessed with for many reasons but I have found the ultimate gift for any occasion on their site. I just had to order one for myself. It's a personalised towel. Why have I never seen one of these before? It is new to and it is by far the best gift you could give anyone. 

I am going to Andorra with my husband for three weeks. We are leaving our dogs at home. I have never been away from them for this long and it is a bit worrying. They will, of course, be in great hands at my in-laws but I will miss them terribly. I choose to have a photo of them on my towel and I am so delighted with it. I honestly can not believe the quality. It is so luxury. The towel is huge. It is honestly the nicest towel I own. I have no idea how they manage to get the image on the towel and to have it look this good is insane. To say I am pleased with the results is a complete understatement. I have never been happier with an item before. 

This photo is on our local beach with the small isle in the background, We are very blessed here in the Highland with our white sand and blue sea. This photo captures both our dog's essence. Mylo in the background running crazy and Millie posing up a storm. I can not wait to have this one my sunbed. 

photo towel of dogs on the beach on clear day

The towel order process is so simple. You choose the photo you would like to have on the towel. Remember this is a big beach style towel, so lots of room for any photo it measures in at 150x100 cm. You can choose to have colour or black and white. There is, of course, lots of editing functions to choose from like zoom or crop. You can even add text so perfect for any celebration. It is that simple. I have to say I love when a website makes things this easy. We are all super busy people and they really take the effort out of this fab gift.  Normally these personalised towels are £69 But right now they are only £29. It is also free delivery on orders over £45, so you might as well treat yourself to a little something? They also do amazing photo canvas so why not add a few on so you get the free delivery, You can pay with card or PayPal or Amazon pay. 

So simple and the best-personalised gifts for any occasion.