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What does your bedroom colour say about you?

Hi everyone

How are you? 

Today I am in the mood to decorate my bedroom. I have recently decorated my house but I have left my room till last. I love planning how I am going to decorate my home and I love reading what other people are doing to their homes. I find it really interesting. You can really tell a person personality from home they style there home. 

I am in love with https://www.juliancharles.co.uk/bedding, They have really fantastic styling options. Plus loads of matching soft furnishing. This really takes the stress out of trying to make your room coordinate.  I thought it would be fun to do what your bedroom colours mean about you. 

White & very little colour. 
This normally means you are minimalist and love nothing more than clean lines and no clutter. White is associated with faith and purity. Feeling compelled to the colour white is also linked to the clarity of the mind. 

Neutrals greys and browns
Grey is said to be timeless and practical but is also emotionless and cold. You see the more traditional side of life. You crave routine and order.   Light grey is said to be feminine and dark grey more masculine. Do you like more timeless and traditional room decor? 

Whereas to like browns is said you are at one with the earth and represents stability and support. Brown is also known as a protection colour. You would be a natural protector and love to be out in nature. You are the one your friends go to for outdoor activity advice. 

Pink and reds 
Red is a powerful colour. It means you are a lover. A timeless romantic. You believe in the powers of love. Red is energizing and motivating. Red is also known to help with confidence building. Are you confident? 

Whereas pink is a nurturing colour. You are the mother in the group. You look after everyone. You tend to look after others before yourself. You are the one everyone asks for advice. 
 It is feminine and romantic.  Pink is also said to have innocents stemming back to childhood.  

Blue and purples

Blue is not only the royal colour but it also has traditional roots. To like blue shows you are honest loyal and reserved. You don't like a fuss and you are the one in the group who is last on the dance floor at parties. people how like blue are also known to live in the past and are nostalgic. 

Purple is the colour of spirituality. It is known to be the colour of people looking for the meaning of life. You are sensitive and compassionate. Your feeling runs deep and you are an introvert.