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Things that shouldn't be taboo

Hi everyone, 

How are you all?

Today I want to talk about taboos. I know right, What a taboo subject to talk about. There are so many taboos out there that it is hard to actually believe but why are some things still a taboo? I want to talk about the ones I just don't think should still be a taboo in this day and age. 

Being sexually liberal. 
we are in 2018 and there is still a stigma around woman sex dating. Why though. Come on do you remember? when sex and the cities were the number one show on tv. We would all be like oh she's a Carrie or a Samantha? These girls really opened our eyes to a sexual revolution in the female world. Yet we still have a negative association with people who date for sex. Why? some of us are to busy for a relationship and want a casual no string attached safe hook up. Some people are just not relationship people nd like to have casual sex. Why does society still judge people on their sex lives? I can't get my head around why there is still so much negativity in the way people live there lives. How much do these things affect you? Would you be more sexually free if you felt society would be more forgiving? Is adult dating proving hard for you? Why can't you be more open about the bedroom what you like and dislike? Some people have fetishes and why can't they indulge in them as long as all parties are consenting then I can see no harm in it. Like and dislikes shouldn't be taboo. 

Not getting married
Why oh why Is being in a committed relationship, not enough. I think it is. Everyone right to choose if marriage is for them. I honestly find it hard to believe there are still some people that talk about people who aren't married in hushed tones. To be honest, I thought this was a thing of the passed Until I was at a nice hotel waiting in line at breakfast when I heard a middle-aged couple ahead of me were talking about a couple they know and one said to the other you know they are not married. I was actually god smacked. Is this still a taboo in 2018? I lived with my husband for about 5 years before we decided to get married and there was defiantly no honour and obey in our vows that were for sure. 

Talking about vaginas
This one is one that makes people cringe. Taking about your girl parts. You know any chat from periods to SDTs. The sheer mention of the word vagina stricks fears in peoples hearts. Oh no, what are they going to say? Come on us females have them. So why are we not allowed to talk about them? Even the thought of a male doctor fills us all with the dread. But why, Are we ashamed of having them? No. But why do they struck fear in us? 

Not owning property.
Yes, I am a married woman in my 30 and I do not own a home. I know to hold on to your coffee cup. I don't know if there is something wrong with me. But I have never been the I need a mortgage to feel settled type. I once told someone I did not own my home. We actually get a free home with my husband's job and they asked me if I was worried about the future? I think in 2018 it is quite normal to not have a mortgage especially as saving for a huge deposit is completely out of reach for most of us. So why is it still installed in us to be successful as a human you have to own your own home? 

Not wanting children
my husband and I have always been upfront and honest that we do not want children. why is it when people ask me they either say one of two things. Oh, can you not have children? Or you will change your mind? There is no known medical reason we do not want children. As far as we know we are capable but This is a choice we both made years ago. No, we will not be changing our minds. Lots of my friends have kids and I love spending time with them. I just don't have the mommy gene. People just can't wrap there head around the fact that we have made this decision on our own. 
Ye,s it is selfish, but it is our life and this is how we want to live it. 

What Taboos do you think are old fashioned and outdated? 
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