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What would I buy if money was no object.

Hi everyone,

How are you?
stunning white sandy beach with bright blue water

Well, the sun has gone in today and It has me dreaming. I love daydreaming. I was speaking to a friend yesterday, she told me that she is away on a big holiday with her family to America next week. I didn't know she had anything planned this year. It really got me thinking about my dream big budget wishlist items and what I would buy if I came into some money. Take a look here at what's in other peoples dream wishlists. I love looking at other peoples wishlist items. It always gives me food for thought as they say. 

I thought it would be fun to show you what I would do if I came into some money.

1. Plan a big holiday. I am thinking of mountain biking in New Zealand and a beach holiday. I have always wanted to visit New Zealand it looks so beautiful. Plus it has some of the best mountain biking in the world. 

2. Buy my husband and I new bikes. Yes, you guessed it from the above but if money was no option. I would be off over to the Santa Cruz factory for a custom build mountain bike. Did I mention the factory is in California? So I guess that's another holiday.  I am not the car type of girl. For me, it will always be bikes before cars.

3. I would give some money to the RNLI.  This is my charity of choice. My husband is crew on our local lifeboat and I want to give back. I would also give money to an animal charity. I believe that we are privileged here in the UK and should all do our bit to give back. even the smallest gesture can man the world to a charity.  It not just about giving money, just donating some of your time can really make a difference.

4. Buy my dream handbag. I have wanted the Chanel boy bag for as long as I can remember. I love this bag. I would get the classic lambskin leather in black with silver hard wear. I do love the tweed Chanel collection at the moment, they are stunning plus I am after all Scottish. A girl can dream, right?

5. Take my husband and my In-laws to Rome or Iceland. This is one all our bucket lists. I love to spoil the ones I love and this for me would be the best gift I could give them. I am in the mindset that memory is better than a physical gift. I try and make every family occasion something special.

6. Buy a pimped out motorhome. So we can travel with our dogs and take them on as many trips as we can. Ok, I would also spend too much money on dog toys and accessories. But I want them to have the best possible life.

7. Get a long-haired dachshund. I have two gorgeous dogs. One Springador and one Dalmatian. I have always wanted one and this would be an awesome addition to our family. As you can tell I'm a bit dog obsessed. My big dream would be to run a kennel or a bed and breakfast

8. Buy my husband a boat. He loves the water and his dream is to have his own boat one day. I would love to do this for him. Plus I would love spending days at sea. I grew up on the water my father is a deep sea fisherman. Not many left in the UK. My husband grew up in land and took sailing lessons as a child. At the moment he will have to make do with his trips on the lifeboat.

What would you do if you came into money?