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5 ways to get your smile event ready.

Is it me or when the sun is out there are always events to attend from weddings to birthday parties. they all seem to roll around at the same time. One thing that always stands out in every photo from these events is people's smiles. I thought I would share with you. 5 ways to get your smile event ready. Don't worry I won't include brushing or flossing your teeth That's a given.
woman selfie smiling at camera

1. Keep up to date with your dentist and hygienist appointments. Finding a problem in its infancy is a lot easier to treat than an old one. This will not only keep your smile nice but it will save you money in the long run. Your dentist will tell you if you need six monthly check-ups or less frequent.

2. If you have been following me for a while, you will know I have amazing porcelain veneers. I wish I had them fitted years ago. I have had no end of problems with my front two teeth Since I was a child. Last year it finally came to a very embarrassing head. Where very few weeks the filling in them would fall out and I would be left with cracked front teeth. My local dentist is hard to get an appointment with. I could be left for days with this embarrassing problem. I could not begin to tell you how veneers have changed my life. I finally don't feel embarrassed about my smile or worried that my filling will fall out. They look amazing and feel natural. If like me you were debating getting them. I would recommend doing it.

3. Buy a tough scraper. There is nothing worse than bad breath. a tough scraper gets rid of any leftover bacteria on your tough which can lead to halitosis. Halitosis or bad breath leads to bad bacteria building up which contributed to tartar and plaque buildup. This can also inflame your gums leading to gum disease.

4. Get your teeth professionally whitened. We are a nation of tea and coffee drinkers.  Over time your teeth get yellow and stained. There is nothing worse than stained teeth. It really made me self-conscious. 

Teeth whitening is one of those things that should always be done by professionals.
There is no better place to go and get your teeth whitened than in London. There are just so many options just search Teeth whitening London and you can see how many top clinics there are. They have the best dentist in the business who specialises in making your smile nice and white. Plus you can make a nice trip out of your dental appointment. Win-Win

5. Your diet. This will be no shock but sugar attacks the teeth. Sucrose (sugar) is the leading cause of tooth decay in the UK. I am not saying cut sugar from your diet I am just saying being more mindful that what you put in your body is what you get out of it. Whilst we are talking about eating. I never bite into fruit. I always cut my fruit into easy-to-bite sections. This saves your front teeth from having to do the biting. This is something my dentist told me she does and I have now adopted this habit.

I hope you have found this helps to keep your smile sparkling and bright.