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Finding the perfect sports bra.

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Asa you know I am into fitness and biking and I have been what feels like on a never-ending journey to find the perfect sports bra. I am a small back and big cup. This is the most annoying size to find a sports bra for. I seem in to be in a group of my own. Ok, I know I am not but. It seems to be like trying to find a unicorn. You see them advertised everywhere but when you find one it's not quite right? 

I want to introduce you to

Enter this V neck evolution Bra. It is super comfortable. Which all my other sports bras can't really compare to this one. It has great supportive straps. It is not underwire or padding. I think this is where comfort really comes from. The back straps can be worn in a Cross or as normally straps I like the cross as it goes better under racerback gym tops. What is super clever about this bra is it actually moulds to your body shape. The first few times it feels tight but it does mould out to your shape it is weird and awesome at the same time. It also features moisture wicking and odour protection material. My size is 6. 

Beige/Grey Heather Reverse Colour color:Beige/Grey Heather
If you like a bit of oomph then try the padded version it's called the 8 in one evolution bra. 
Like her sister but with a bit of extra padding to give you a bit more shape. I think this one will be my next purchase as it looks good and if it is anything like my one it is heaven in a bra cup. 

Jess is 5’8”, a 32E and has 35” hips. She wears a size small romper. color:Granite
I had to add this romper by knitwear. I love a romper it is my pyjamas of choice and in this summer weather, they are perfect for lounging about it too. 

Have you found the perfect sports bra?