My final XLS nutrition weight loss results. - MissLJBeauty

My final XLS nutrition weight loss results.

It's been eight weeks and this is the final check-in and results from my XLS nutrition weight loss journey now.   
what a busy week for me. I am still on my two shakes a day with snacks and a balanced meal. 

I travelled to Manchester for two night to complete my XLS nutrition photoshoot. I was super nervous as I have only done a few photoshoots before. As I explained before my inlaws are still here. So four dog to take care of its been very busy. 

This week in fitness 
Fitness. calories burned in brackets. Not as much as normal as We have been enjoying time with our visitors and the Manchester trip.

1 x turbo training 1.5hours 500 calories
1x roadie ride 16.7miles 873 calories
1x roadie ride 16.7 643 calories 
1x mountain biking day in the insane heat 9.1miles 715 calories

So what you are here for weight loss week For all 8 weeks!

Inches lost  
Bust -3.3
Waist- 5.5
Hips - 4.5
Bum -4.1
Top thigh -5.
Calf -1.5
Arm - 1.2
I think we can all agree these are amazing results in just 8 weeks. If I can do it then you can do it too. It really is an easy and nutritious way of losing your excess weight.