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My bucket list trip to australia

Hi everyone,

How are you?
stunning sunset view of sidney opera house skyline

I want to talk about a trip I am planning to Australia. I have wanted to go to Australia since I was 9. My mums best friend took a year out and went travelling over there and ever since I have been mesmerised by the place. Back then there was no phones or Facebook to share updates but she sent us good old-fashioned postcards. Everything there just looked so different from where I was growing up in the Scottish highlands. I became quite obsessed with going there. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I never managed to get my own gap year over there. But I have decided its time to plan that trip of a lifetime. Right now I feel is the best time for me to plan this trip. I am in a good financial position and can really do Australia the way I want to.

First things First, booking flights.
I am looking at January time for the trip. I am thinking, I want to fly to Sydney then on to Darwin and Perth. I haven't quite figured out the full plans but I want to take you along the planning journey with me. Flying from London Heathrow to Sydney means It will be a stopover in Singapore on the way out. How exciting is that?

I might have to take advantage of the Chanel discount at Heathrow. One of the only real discounts you can get from any  Chanel store is at an airport. Anyways that a just a little tip if you ever want to buy a Chanel item, it is approximately 17% off in London Heathrow. I have known girls to book a flight just for the discount. Well, it would be rude to not take full advantage of the discount right?

Here are my plans so far.
wallabys in forest in australia
There are so many things to see and do in Sydney. I want to go to the Sydney Opera House, The Harbour bridge and St Patricks church to name a few.  I have always dreamed about doing a cruise around the harbour at sunset, so that is on my none negotiable list. My husband really wants to do a whale watching cruise and also hire bikes for a spin round the city. I am thinking we will need about 4 night in Sydney. This should give us enough time to tick off all the important activities.

This is the place my husband is most excited about. This will be a bit slower paced and beach holiday like than Sydney. We both love to snorkelling and Berry Springs is world renowned. So we will have to spend a few days there. There will, of course, be a trip to the aviation centre and Darwins military museum. You know I love the museum.  My husband is keen to go to the royal flying doctor service tourist facility. It looks fascinating. In Scotland, we can be quite rural but this really does make you think how lucky we are. What an amazing service this is.  

 whilst we are here it's over to Kakadu National Park, This is Australia biggest national park and there is everything from rainforest to rock art galleries. Some of the rock art found here is Aboriginal and around 20,000 years old. There are lots of hikes my husband would like to do. I think we will need at least 5 days in Darwin. I would love to do one of the waterhole swimming trips. It looks magical. I think Darwin would be the perfect opportunity to do an Aboringal guided tour. I love to learn and I think this would really give me a proper insight into Australia history and culture. 

Then off to our last stop and more than likely our longest stop of the holiday.

When I think of Australia. I think of Perth. Not just because here in Scotland, we have its namesake. Which in comparison seen a little dreary. Not only is Perth known to have the most amount of sunniest days in Australia but it has the reputation of a laid-back lifestyle which is unrivalled.
wallaby on the street in australia

I want to head to Rottnest Island. Which is a completely car-free island, Where you can swim in the coral-rich seas and lazy on one of the 60 beaches? In fact, just leave me here. Ok just kidding but it does sound like complete paradise. This is also the place to get a photo of one of the biggest Instagram stars on the planet the quokka. Have you ever been to Australia if you don't have a selfie with the famously happiest creature in the world? 

Perth in its self-has the biggest city park in the world. It makes New York's central park look quite small. You have a beautiful park which has skyscraper borders. I can not wait to see this. Perth will be our best of both world end of holiday place. We can enjoy the beaches whilst still being able to go to the city and pop into the local museum and sample the numerous bars and restaurants. There are so many things to see and do in Perth.

One of both of our major to do in this area is the port area of Fremantle. You know, we are both water lovers and we both love Ports and docks. with plenty of catamarans available to explore local places. It would be rude to not visit. Fremantle was once a town of its own but with Perth every growing population it has become engulfed. There is also a Fremantle famous prison tour and brewery that we must visit. It is going to be a very busy day visiting here.

Do you think this is a good starting point for our trip? Do you think I have missed anything off my list?