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How to care for your Lawn

Well, It is raining here today finally. I could actually do a dance.  I want to share with you my top tips on how to keep your grass in pristine condition. First things first buy the best tools you can. I got our petrol lawnmower from Radmore and Tucker. I had to find a good mower. Up here in the highland the grass and ground are tough so a good mower and tools are essential to keeping a good garden. 
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When to cut your grass? 
The general rule of gardening is once a week but in the right conditions and weather. It can be a super trick to gauge how often to do this. One way to know for sure would be to contact a profession like They will be able to advise you on the right course of action for the best lawn care. 

The key to nice looking grass in this heat is not to cut it too short. I know the urge to save time by cutting it shorter is tempting but it really can get rid of essential nutrients in the grass. Grass should be 30mm high and may require watering, As long as you don't have a hosepipe ban that is. I have to say we have never had one up here yet. Buying a mulching mower is good too as it also proved natural fertilizer, check out the Viking 5. 

This is the ideal time to fertilize your grass. Especially if your lawn has been mulched. This will not give you immediate results but you will reap the benefits in the springtime. Try to resist the urge to mow the grass as often as you would in summer. For the last cut of the year, leave the grass a bit longer helping the nutrients in the ground do the work. 

one extra tip if you can see at least a third of your grass through the fallen leaves on the lawn. You can easily mulch the leaves into the lawn adding extra nutrients But be careful too much mulching can make the lawn matted and a lot extra work for you in the long run.

Well, winter is always hard on the grass but spring has sprung and its time to aerate with a scarifier. This has to be done on a dry and warm day. This is when A good long-term fertilizer is the best one to use. If you require a thick and full lawn this is the time of year to mow every week. If you notice your lawn is growing really fast you may need to increase mowing to twice a week.

The edges
keeping the edges of your lawn trim and tidy prevents any overgrowth. You can use an old bit of garden hose to help you keep neat lines when cutting back edges or I like to use old floorboards.

Grass in the shade, 
Did, you know grass in the shade needs less water? Due to the sun not evaporating the water, you need to use less in these areas. This is again the case with fertilizer. It is so easy to overlook the shady areas and forget to treat them with less than the rest of your garden. 

The Weeds
I know this is a huge annoyance to most lawn owners but it is actually easier to leave a few weeds in your lawn. If you do want to do a bit of weeding. Either pull them up by hand or try a spot on weedkiller. If you have dogs or cats make sure the weed killer is safe to use in your garden. You don't want to make your furry friend poorly.

Damage repair.
if you are noticing your lawn is sinking you can peel away the top layer and even out the soil underneath. making the area flat again. The grass will regrow on top. If you are noticing wear marks. Like a child or dogs regular path what about adding stepping stones? Not only does this look nice it will stop all the extra work for you. Remember to set the stone under the lawn line this making it easy for the mower to glide over.

Soil PH Levels
Did you know this has a big impact on your beautiful grass? You can buy a testing kit at any good gardening shop. The perfect PH for your soil should be around 6.0 to 7.2 To increase the PH add iron to decrease add lime.


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