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The Best Colours to Wear with Luxury Jewellery

When it comes to dressing up, you want to look your best, a look that turns heads and makes you the talk of the town. Getting this look doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s all about knowing how to pair colours correctly and accessorising your appearance in subtle yet stylish ways. 

Pairing your jewellery to the clothes you’re wearing is a great way to achieve a beautiful look, from glorious gold chains to sophisticated silver bracelets, good-looking style doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Start by choosing the outfit you’d like to wear for the event or outing in question, having a solid starting base is the best way to begin pairing colours. Alternatively, think about the type of jewellery you’d like to wear and choose your outfit based on the colour choices. Precious metals pair with a whole host of colours but there are colours to avoid as well.
gold rings on white background
Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is the most common colour of gold available andwhen placed on a colour wheel, yellow fall opposite blue and purple hues, making these the best complimentary colour to wear with gold jewellery. Subtle shades of blue and purple will help make gold jewellery pop while darker, more saturated colours contribute to creating a fuller look. Of course, reds and greens work wonderfully with gold, but you can risk creating a “holiday” look, perfect for the Christmas season but not for achieving a summer appearance. 
Colours to avoid with gold are yellows, bright or subtle, and any shade of neon colour – the look starts to become garish and too bright. 

Yellow gold isn’t always just the type of metal base that can be used either, check out these cufflinks from luxury jewellery brand Tateossian which incorporate real gold flakes and nuggets in their jewellery designs.
siliver jewellery
Silver is known in fashion as an “accent colour” so while it’s fairly uncommon to see full outfits of glittering silvers, there are lots of opportunities to use silver to compliment a look. White, greys and black are ideal for pairing with silver jewellery and helps bring the accessories to life but soft, cooler tones work well too – blues, greens and purples.
Avoid wearing warm, pastel colours as the look can quickly go from stylish to washed-out, as well as very bright colours that simply “absorb” the silver colour and divert the focus. 

White Gold
White gold is very similar to silver, it’s a bright “white” metal with a gloss finish, however, white gold tends to be shinier than silver due to the combination of metals and finished plating used. Silver is the cheaper material although does require more upkeep to regularly remove tarnish, whereas white gold is a harder, more resilient metal, requiring less polish and cleaning. 
If you are wearing white gold, most of the same colours with silver work nicely yet you’ll likely lean towards wearing darker shades so to really show off your luxury piece of jewellery. 

Rose Gold
Rose gold is an interesting metal, created from gold and a mixture of copper, the warm tones pair nicely with other pieces of metal jewellery. Rose gold’s colour lends itself to pairing nicely with a mixture of jewellery pieces from sparkling platinum to shiny silvers and helps bring the yellows out when worn with regularly gold. 
The hues rose gold is most commonly available in makes it a fairly versatile accessory and helps it pair nicely with clothing shades of pinks, natural earthy-tones, blues and nude tints.

Other Places to Add Colour
It’s not just your clothing you have to consider, for ladies (and some gentlemen) you’ll want to keep in mind the colours you may paint your nails and if you wear a watch, avoid wearing too much on the same side so your look isn’t unbalanced

With this information, go forth and treat yourself to some luxury jewellery made from the finest precious metals and wear it confidently with your favourite outfits. Whether it’s summer or winter or the in between, there’s no reason not to look your best.